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Cornelius Briggs snr -1786 to 1809
Cornelius Briggs Sr. was listed in the Norwich Poll Book of 1786 as a millwright in St. Mary.

To be SOLD

A Capital REMOVING CRANE, almost new, with all the Apparatus compleat, capable of raising Two Ton Weight.
For further Particulars and Price, apply to Mr. Cornelius Briggs, Millwright, St. Mary’s, Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 16th February 1788

Wanted Immediately

A JOURNEYMAN WIND-MILLER, One who can be well reccommended for his honesty and abilities, will meet with good wages, by applying to C Briggs, Millwright, Norwich.
Norfolk Chronicle - 4th June 1796

Cornelius Briggs was listed in Peck’s Directory of 1802 as being at 24, St. Martin’s Lane, and in the 1802 Norwich Poll Book as a millwright in St. Martin at Oak. A windmill was for sale and removal in 1802.

To be SOLD, and removed,

A Capital POST-MILL, with a pair of excellent French Stones and going geers. – For price and particulars enquire of Mr. C. Briggs, Millwright, St. Martin’s at Oak, Norwich.
Norfolk Chronicle - 3rd April 1802

Cornelius Briggs’ wife died on the 13th March 1809.


Monday last, aged 57, Mrs. Mary Briggs, wife of Mr. C. Briggs, mill wright, of St. Martin’s at Oak.
Norfolk Chronicle - 18th March 1809

Cornelius Briggs died on the 18th October 1809.


Monday last, aged 59, Mr. Cornelius Briggs, millwright, of St. Martin’s at Oak, in this City.
Norfolk Chronicle - 21st October 1809

Cornelius Briggs' youngest daughter was married on the 21st May 1814


Thursday last, Mr. John Bream, Grocer, to Miss Martha Briggs, youngest daughter of the late
Mr. Briggs, millwright, both of St. Martin’s at Oak.

Norfolk Chronicle - 23rd May 1814

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