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Francis Gooch -1731+

Francis Gooch built the mill at Stone Hills, Heigham in 1731.

This is to give Notice, That there is a new-built Wind-mill of £18 per Annum Rent to be Sold, with Appurtances thereunto belonging, all in very good Repair, a great Penniworth, standing and being on Stone-Hills in Heigham, within the Liberty of the City of Norwich, well situated. Inquire of Mr. Francis Gooch, of Heigham aforesaid, Mill-Wright; Mr. John Lessingham, of Norwich aforesaid, Beer-Brewer; Mr. John Gipps of Norwich aforesaid, Carpenter; and Mr. Thomas Layton, of Norwich aforesaid, Inn-holder.
Norwich Gazette - 16th October 1731

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