Thomas Nickless

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Thomas Nickless -1718 to 1726+
Thomas Nickless was mentioned as a millwright in an advert of 1718

THOMAS NICKLESS, Mill-Wright in St. Benedict's Parish in Norwich, coggs Wind-mills, Water-mills, and Horse-mill for Malt and Oatmeal; he also store Stones for all the aforesaid Mills, and lays out the Dress belonging thereto, to a great Perfection as any Plan whatsoever; and will do it no Purchase, no Pay.
Norwich Gazette - 19th July 1718

Thomas Nickless was in partnership with John Rayner by 1726

THIS is to give Notice, that THOMAS NICKLESS and JOHN RAYNER, Millwrights, and Partners in the Millwright Business, living near the Rose Corner in St. Peter's per Mountergate in Conisford-street in Norwich, perform all Sorts of Millwright's Business, on Wind-mills, Water-mills, Boulting-mills, Horse-Mills for Brewers, Maltsters, or Oatmeal-makers, and all other Businesses Whatsoever belonging to Millwrights; They also floor and lay out the Dresses of any Sort of Mill-Stones, according to what Work they are to do: They were brought up to the business from their Infancy, and will do it no Purchase no Pay; hoping to find Encouragement, no doubting but to give great Satisfaction, what the propose of shall undertake, and will do it at a Very Reasonable Rate.
Norwich Gazette - 19th July 1718

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