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William Wade to 1761

William Wade was bankrupt in 1761

Whereas William Wade, late of the City of Norwich, Mill-Wright, now is a Prisoner in the Gaol for the City and County of the same, in Execution of my Suit. now I do hereby give Notice, that I intend at the next General or Quarter Sessions of the Peace, which shall be held at the Guildhall in the said City, in and for the said City and County of the same City, or any adjournement thereof, after Twenty Days from the Date hereof, to compel the said William Wade to subscribe and deliver upon Oath, a Schedule of all his Estate and Effects, for the Benefit of myself and other Creditors, pursuant to the Act of Parliament for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors. Witness my hand the Seventh day of July, 1761.
Sarah Goward

Norwich Mercury - 11th July 1761.

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