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Forncett End steam mill was built by Henry John Ludkin c.1882 and continued running for over 50 years.

My grandfather owned the farm (Hill Farm in Cheney's Lane) and came down from Forncett End every day in his pony trap, he owned the mill and I remember the engine inside a shed and the thick rubber bands which were always running at work times. My granny was in the shop where they sold flour, chicken feed and the corn from the fields, this was near the Methodist chapel at Forncett End.
Susanna Saunders - granddaughter of Henry John Ludkin

In the afternoon Aunt Jessie would take little Stanley in his pram to see her parents, who owned the mill, and I would go with them. It was great fun watching the corn grinding and the smoke coming out of a very large steel chimney going "chuff-chuff-chuff". Nobody ever complained about soot on their washing. We would play in the orchard and then have tea in the mill house, and then return back to Aunt Jessie's, where another meal was being prepared with lovely smoked sprats fried.
Muriel Rowe - living at Maltings Farm and related to Jessie Ludkin, daughter of Henry John Ludkin

In front of the present 'Old Mill' stood the grinding mill itself enclosed in a shed with a chimney stack emerging from the roof. A drive belt connected the steam engine with the grinding stones in the main building. There was a deep well for water at the end of the building.
Gerry Smith - living at Mill House in 1970s

O. S. Map 1904
O. S. Map 1904
Courtesy of NLS map images

Kelly's 1922: Edward Ludkin, farmer
Kellys 1925: Sidney Ludkin, smallholder
Kellys 1929: Sidney Ludkin, smallholder

White's 1883: Henry John Ludkin, miller, merchant, and seed grower

Kelly's 1892: Henry John Ludkins, miller (steam), corn & coal merchant, seed grower & manure agent

O.S. map 1897: mill

1901: Albert Ludkin (son) working as assistant miller

O.S. map 1904: mill

Kelly's 1922: Henry John Ludkin, miller (steam) & farmer

Kelly's 1925: Henry John Ludkin, miller (steam) & farmer

Kelly's 1929: Henry John Ludkin, miller (steam) & farmer

1933: Henry John Ludkin died leaving an estate worth £9,500

1935: Henry Ludkin's widow Susanna Ludkin died

Friday 10th September 1937: Mill Farm and mill site sold

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