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Gt Hockham steam mill was built at West Farm.

Steam Mill at Hockham, West Farm, 1882
A few years ago (i.e. from 50 before writing) the mill was still there ...
Autumn Fields - 1944

The greatest of our farms was West Farm ... Its mill had ceased to exist ...
... Seventy workers there in his grandfather's time.
& Spring Sowing - 1946

The steam mill was recorded as being the property of Henry Samuel Partridge on 9th February 1814

O. S. Map 1882
O. S. Map 1882
Courtesy of NLS map images

1814: Henry Samuel Partridge, mill owner

Parish register 1865: ? Nurse, miller, married

Parish register 1867: ? Nurse, miller, married

Parish register 1868: ? Tilbrook, miller, married

Parish register 1870: ? Nurse, miller, married

Census 1871:

James Tilbrook (30) b.Hockham, miller
Harriot Tilbrook (28) b.Carbrook
Arthur Tilbrook (6) b.Hockham
Gertrude Tilbrook (3) b.Hockham
Ethel Tilbrook (1) b.Hockham
Address: next door to Red Lion

Census 1871:

Samuel Warren Nurse (28) b.Hockham, miller
Hannah Nurse (28) b.Moulton, Suffolk
William Emmett Nurse (6) b.Hockham
Samuel Warren Nurse (4) b.Hockham
Henry George Nurse (3) b.Hockham
Frederick Louis Nurse (2) b.Hockham
Laura Edwards Nurse (1) b.Hockham
Address: West Farm Cottage

Parish register 1875: ? Brown, miller, married

Kelly's 1879: George Baker, miller

Parish register 1880: ? Wiggett, miller, married

Census 1881: Hannah Nurse recorded as a widow

Census 1881:

James Tilbrook (48) b.Hockham, corn miller
Harriot Tilbrook (38) b.Carbrook
Arthur Tilbrook (16) b.Hockham
Sarah Ethel Tilbrook (11) b.Hockham
Walter George Tilbrook (8) b.Hockham
Herbert Edwin Tilbrook (3) b.Hockham
Address: Vicarage Road Cottage

1882: Steam mill

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