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Kenninghall steam mill stood just to the north of the track that ran northeast from the opposite side of the road to Grange Farm at the junction of Church Street and East Church Street.

From Grange Farm, East Church Street, there is a green track just to the south of Grange Farm. Immediately on the left (north side) of that track there now stands a cottage - this was part of the steam mill buildings and was converted to a dwelling place many years ago.  My uncle tells me that when he was small (in the early 1930s) the field on the other side of the track was known as the steam mill field. There used to be a rather deep pond in that field, later filled in, I think, by another uncle who took Grange Farm over.  Whether that was anything to do with the mill, I dont know - this is pure surmise - it may well have been a marl/lime or clay pit as there was another lime pit at the front of the farmhouse. I don't know whether the date of the steam mill's demolition is known. My grandfather took over Grange Farm in 1917 so presumably it hadn't been out of use long then or was still in use if the field was still known as the steam mill field in the 30s.   My uncle knew of two of the windmills visible from Grange Farm - in Mill_Lane and the Banham_Road_mill - when he was a boy but did not know there had been a third - presumably it was demolished before he was old enough to take it in (he was born in 1931).
Scilla Bunn - 21st December 2007

White's 1883: Charles Burrows, farmer
White's 1883: Charles Burrows jnr, farmer

Kelly's 1892: Charles Burrows, farmer
Kelly's 1892: Charles Burrows jnr, farmer

Kelly's 1892: Thomas Burrows, miller (steam)

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