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Robert Briggs snr -1723 to 1760
Robert Briggs was mentioned as a millwright in an advert of 1723

Robert Briggs, Millwright, near the White-Lyon in Magdalen-Street in Norwich, makes Boulting-Mills of all sorts, & also repairs or new build Wind-Mills or Water-Mills, in better than usual; likewise Horse-Work or Hand-Work.
Norwich Gazette - 26th January 1723

On this day I saw, with a multitude of other spectators, a chariot of a new invention, which came from the Unicorn in St Mary's, to the Back Boys, in St George, Colegate, without the help of any horse.
It had four wheels and moved along at a good foot-pace by one man only, who rode in it, and by working with his feet procured the motion; but it was so laborious to perform that it had been easier to have gone afoot.
This machine, as I was informed, was projected and made by one Robert Briggs, a Mill-wright of Magdalen Street.

Norwich Newspaper - 10th January 1726

On Tuesday last the Water rose so high, that Heigham Street and St. Martin's at the Oak were Knee deep; At the same Time Mr. Briggs, a Mill-wright in Magdalen-Street, rode through the Water in a Four Wheel Chaise, by him invented, which went without Horses.
Norwich Gazette - 22nd January 1726

Robert Briggs had an apprentice, Robert Masters, who had set up business on his own in Great Yarmouth by 1728. Robert Briggs built a watermill at Brandiston in 1732.

This is to give Notice, that there is now to be lett a Mill called Branson_Mill, near Gooton or Cawston-Woodrow in Norfolk being new built, with an Overshot-Wheel 18 feet high, one Pair of Stones at Work, and another Pair as soon as Time will admit, and a Flower-Mill to go by water along with her. Inquire of Mr. Robert Briggs, Mill-Wright, neat the White Lion in Magdalen-Street in Norwich.
Norwich Gazette - 10th June 1732

Robert Briggs built the post mill in Magdalen Road, Norwich, by 1732.

A Very able Wind-Mill, near Magdalen-Gates in Norwich, in good Repair, double Stoned Peak and French and a Pair of Cullins, to be Lett at Christmas next. She is well Customed, and a good Distance from Water. Inquire of Mr. James Skipper, or of Mr. Briggs the Millwright, both in Norwich aforesaid.
Norwich Gazette - 22nd July 1732

The mill at Brandiston was again to let in 1737.

This is to give Notice that a Water Mill lately built, commonly called Brandiston_Mill, near Cawston Wood-row, is now to Lett to grind Corn, or for any other Business that may be required: It is an over-shot Mill, the Wheel Eighteen Feet high, allowed to be the Best in Norfolk: She may be leased out for Fourteen Years. Inquire of Mr. Robert Briggs, Carpenter and Millwright, in Magdalen Street in Norwich. and also that the said Mr. Robert Briggs has several Sorts of Wheels fit for Horse-Mills, Wind-Mills, or Water-mills to be sold very reasonably.
Norwich Gazette - 22nd October 1737

This is to inform the Curious, That there is to be seen opposite the Cross-Keys in Magdalen-Street, Norwich, A Machine representing the Model of a Wind Mill, with two Pair of Stones, two Flour Mills and the Lifting Tackle; one floor over the Flour Mills for Meal, and another for Corn over the Stones, and can go as fast without Wind, as other Wind-Mills can go with Wind, it will be decorated with Lights to shew its Perfection, and will begin to be shewn on Whitsun-Monday at Two o'clock in the Afternoon, and will continue to shewing during the Holidays. Prices to Gentlemen and Ladies what they Please, and to Working Hands and Children, one Penny.
Performed by Robert Briggs, Mill-wright.
Norwich Mercury - 2nd June 1759

Robert Briggs died in June 1760 and his yard was taken over by Richard Kittle

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