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Brandiston watermill site has not yet been located but it was described as being in somewhere in the region of Brandiston, Booton and Cawston Woodrow and was built in the early 1730s by the Norwich millwright Robert_Briggs. It was possibly an estate mill as it was built to let rather than built to be run by the person who commissioned the building.

It was powered by an 18 foot diameter wheel and was one of the very few overshot mills in the county. The only other mills to use overshot wheels in Norfolk that I have found so far were at Buxton, Congham, Foulden, Hingham, Mundesley, Tharston and Weybourne. Although large in diameter, the wheel was probably quite narrow, thus it only commenced operations by powering one pair of stones. However, the records suggest that it may have been capable of running a second pair of stones.

This is to give Notice, that there is now to be lett a Mill called Branson Mill, near Gooton or Cawston-Woodrow in Norfolk being new built, with an Overshot Wheel 18 feet high, one Pair of Stones at Work, and another Pair as soon as Time will admit, and a Flower-Mill to go by water along with her. Inquire of Mr. Robert_Briggs, Mill-Wright, near the White Lion in Magdalen-Street in Norwich.
Norwich Gazette - 10th June 1732

This is to give Notice that a Water Mill lately built, commonly called Brandiston Mill, near Cawston Wood-row, is now to Lett to grind Corn, or for any other Business that may be required: It is an over-shot Mill, the Wheel Eighteen Feet high, allowed to be the Best in Norfolk: She may be leased out for Fourteen Years. Inquire of Mr. Robert_Briggs, Carpenter and Millwright, in Magdalen Street in Norwich. and also that the said Mr. Robert_Briggs has several Sorts of Wheels fit for Horse-Mills, Wind-Mills, or Water-mills to be sold very reasonably.
Norwich Gazette - 22nd October 1737

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