Norfolk Mills


Norfolk County Wind Drainage Pumps

Drainage mills are not technically mills, they are of course windpumps. However, as most viewers will type "mill" into a search engine, I have listed them as mills in order to maximise search engine success rates.

In 1978, Arthur C. Smith reported that
There are 72 sites where drainage windmills can be seen in Norfolk in all conditions from restored windmills down to ruined bases. Of the 72 remaining now, 62 are brick tower mills, 5 smock mills, 3 open trestle mills and 2 are hollow post mills. They comprise 7 restorations, 3 under restoration, 10 conversions, 39 derelicts, 5 preservations, 7 stumps and 1 ruined remains.

Acle Ashtree Farm
Acle Charlie Water's
Acle Marsh Farm
Ashby Clippesby
Ashby Oby
Barton Turf smock
Barton Turf - Turf Fen
Belaugh Old Hall
Belton Black Mill
Brograve - see Sea Palling
Buckenham Ferry
Burgh St Margaret - St Margaret's
Burgh St Peter
Catfield Barton Broad
Catfield Middle Marsh
Catfield Swim Coots
Fritton Bell Hill
Fritton Marsh
Fritton St Olaves
Haddiscoe Langley Detached
Haddiscoe Pettingill's

Haddiscoe Six Mile House
Haddiscoe steam
Haddiscoe -Toft Monks
Halvergate - High's
Halvergate - Howard's

Halvergate - Kerrison's Level
Halvergate - Lockgate
Halvergate - Mutton's
Halvergate - Six Mile House
Halvergate - Stracey Arms
Halvergate - Tunstall Dyke smock
Halvergate - Tunstall Dyke tower
Heigham Holmes
Hickling Broad Roland Green's
Hickling Eastfield
Hickling Stubb
Hockwold Redmoor - see Corn Mills
Hockwold Lower
Hockwold Upper

Horning Ferry
Horning Hobb's
Horning Neaves
Hoveton Marshes
Hunsett - see Stalham
Ingham Marsh Mill
Ludham Boardman's
Ludham Bridge Beaumont's
Ludham Bridge north
Ludham Clayrack
Ludham Coldharbour
Ludham Horsefen
Ludham Womack Water
Martham Ferry
Mautby Marsh Farm
Mautby Runham Five Mile
Mautby Runham Swim north
Mautby Runham Swim north early
Mautby Runham Swim south
Nordelph Fen
Nordelph Upton Fen drainage
Nordelph Well Creek
Norton Marsh
Norton Boyce's Dyke
Potter Heigham Heigham Holmes
Potter Heigham High's

Reedham Berney Arms
Reedham Berney Arms early
Reedham Cadge's
Reedham Ferry
Reedham Polkey's
Reedham North
Repps Level
Rockland Long's Corner
Salters Lode
Sea Palling Brograve Level
Sea Palling Lambridge
Somerton West Marsh
Southery Horse Fen
Smallburgh Moy's
Smallburgh Wayford Bridge
Smallburgh Wayford Bridge east
Smallburgh Wayford Bridge west
Stalham Hunsett
St Benets Abbey
St Benets Level
Stokesby Commission
Stokesby Old Hall
Ten Mile Bank Carmans
Thurne Dyke
Tunstall Stracey Arms
Upton Black Mill
Upton Palmer's
Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen

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