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Ludham Clayrack mill is a hollow post windpump and one of 3 remaining in the county.
The structure originally stood on Ranworth Marshes where it was derelict and in danger of being lost forever. Ranworth Marshes are the home to numerous nesting birds so in 1981 the pump was moved to How Hill to a position some 200 yards north of Boardman's Mill. Clayrack is cared for by the Norfolk Windmills Trust.

Pump site 1990
Pump site 1990

1903: Windpump ceased working at Ranworth Broad - Nat Grid Ref TG367148

1981: Pump moved to Ludham from its original position on Ranworth Marshes

c.1983: Windpump restored by millwright Richard Seago

2018: Stocks in situ but sails missing and are currently being restored

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Nat Grid Ref TG 36921944
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