Kerrison's Level
drainage pump
Acle Marshes

26th May 1978
26th May 1978

Halvergate Kerrison's Level drainage pump was possibly built as a 3 storey mill that had an additional storey added when it was converted from common sails to patent sails during modernisation by W. T. England in 1895. The tarred red brick tower held a Norfolk boat shaped cap. The windshaft, the brake arm and the drive shaft to the scoop wheel are all of cast iron.The cap held a tailpole that had been adapted for fan winding. Physical evidence of the earlier mill still remains. The mill stands alone out on the marsh and to the south of the farm. Mill is Grade ll listed.

Halvergate Kerrison's Level Mill is named after the farm just to the north. It has also been known as Key's Mill

26th May 1978
26th May 1978

Alone on marsh, south of farm across railway. Private.
Derelict tarred red brick tower (batter changing to cylindrical at top) with 6 metal bands, white boat cap, windshaft (but no brakewheel nor upright shaft), some floor beams and boarding, scoop wheel outside (many paddles missing); medium to small size, 4 storey.

Arthur C. Smith - May 1978

Tower Mill. Protected. Tarred red brick tower (batter changing to cylindrical section at top) in fair condition, of medium size and 4 storeys with 6 metal bands encircling it. White boat cap with petticoat, windshaft with one window in 2nd storey with another in top. Inside base dia. about 12¾ ft. plus 18in. thick walls. Scoop wheel outside 17¼ ft. dia. (most paddles missing). Alone on marshes, across railway south of farm. Leased by Norfolk Windmills Trust.
Arthur C. Smith - 18th May 1989

O. S. Map 1884
O. S. Map 1884
Courtesy of NLS map images

1700s: Mill built

c.1895: Major renovation by Englands including installation of patent sails

1978: Tower with 6 steel bands, cap, windshaft and scoop wheel remains

1989: Tower, white cap with petticoat, windshaft, canister; brakewheel & upright shaft gone

2000: Mill underwent cap repairs

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