Repps Level
drainage pump
River Thurne



Repps Level drainage pump was not a large mill and had a four storey, dull red painted tower approx. 31 feet high. The batter changed to cylindrical for the upper storey. Power for the scoop wheel was supplied by 4 double shuttered sails and the Norfolk boat shaped cap with its petticoat and tail pole, was turned to wind by a six bladed fantail. The two was originally only two storeys high but a third storey without batter was later added, probably at the time when the mill changed from common sails to patent sails.
The pump stood in a field by the river about half a mile along the towpath from Potter Heigham old road bridge.

The property was once owned by the actor Roger Moore, famous for his portrayal of James Bond - hence the modern rename of Bond Island Windmill.

c.1906 c.1917



1917 c.1920

One of the boat occupants is Rivers King - 1917


11th September 1934

11th September 1934

1950 15th May 1971


15th May 1971

After the end of its working life, structural additions were added to convert the mill into a private residence.
Additions included a white boarded band around the top of the flat roofed tower, a glazed sun lounge balcony set against the first floor and a small boarded room on the opposite side at ground level.

23rd May 1986

23rd May 1986

3rd September 2019 3rd September 2019

3rd September 2019

3rd September 2019

O. S. Map 1905
O. S. Map 1905
Courtesy of NLS map images

1920: Mill working

1934: Mill not working and becoming derelict

1950: Mill tower standing derelict

c.1970: Mill converted to a private dwelling

2010: New cap fitted

2019: Ian O'Brien

2021: Mill in use as a luxury holiday let under the name
Bond Island Windmill

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