Bell Hill
drainage pump
River Waveney

5th May 1975
5th May 1975

Fritton Bell Hill drainage pump was also known as Caldecot Mill. The 3 storey tower with a Norfolk boat shaped cap was built out of red brick and later tarred. Four patent sails turned to wind with a fantail powered a scoop wheel. The mill is Grade ll listed.

Alone by river with small boarded pump house. Private.
Derelict slightly tarred red brick tower without cap or sails. Windshaft, brakewheel, gear inside including 10 ft diameter pit wheel to pump; medium size, 3 storey.

Arthur C. Smith - May 1975

Tower Mill. Derelict. Red brick tarred (wearing off) tower of medium size and 3 storeys, in fair condition with temporary aluminium cap, windshaft with canister, brakewheel and all machinery including 10ft. dia. pit wheel. Turbine pump in adjoining small boarded shed. Alone by river. Norfolk Windmills Trust.
Arthur C. Smith - 16th May 1989

August 2023
5th May 1975

O. S. Map 1904
O. S. Map 1904
Courtesy of NLS map images

1844: Mill built

c.1935: Mill ceased working and sails removed shortly afterwards

O.S. map 1904:

1937: Arthur Thrower put iron bands around the tower, fitted a new stock and recogged the pitwheel

1975: Tower without cap or sails but windshaft and other machinery intact

1991: Milll interior gutted by fire destroying upright shaft and pitwheel

August 2023: Tarred mill tower intact

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