Well Creek
drainage pump
Well Creek

March 1976
March 1976

Nordelph Well Creek smock drainage mill was built on the bank of Well Creek at Nordelph to drain Nordelph Fen.

c.1982 19th May 1978
19th May 1978

In later years, as the water level in the fen lowered, the mill scoop was unable to reach enough water to work efficiently and so a second mill, Nordelph Fen drainage mill was built in the centre of the fen, midway between Well Creek and the Old Bedford river, to raise the water up a stage. Both mills were truncated many years ago and were converted to private residences, probably by the mid 1970s.

By 1976, the mill had been truncated to its octagonal red-grey brick base with one storey of black vertical boarding with a pronounced batter. The base contained windows and doors with a chimney stack on opposite sides and a bungalow had been added on.

17th June 1988
17th June 1988

c.1975: Mill converted to residential accommodation

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