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26th June 1988
26th June 1988

Belaugh drainage pump was built to the southeast of Belaugh Old Hall. The 29ft high, 4 storey tower had a 10ft internal diameter at the base with 18 inch thick walls. The tower is internally offset at the second floor. The sails originally drove a scoop wheel. A conical cap was placed on the top of the tower after the sails had been removed.

After windpumping ceased, the tower was adapted for the installation of a petrol engine that drove a Bodan turbine pump set in a timber boarded shed attached to the tower, via a drive shaft through the tower wall. Large pipes were placed in the scoop wheel sluice and were connected to a primer tank on the first floor of the tower.

26th June 1988
26th June 1988

A small Barnes & Pyle sluice was installed adjacent to the tower, operated by rack & pinion.

O. S. Map 1881
O. S. Map 1881
Courtesy of NLS map images

1983: Mill lying derelict with conical cap

1988: Mill lying derelict with ivy growing up the tower, conical cap with sections missing

1994: Tower visible from the air

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