drainage mill

Haddiscoe steam drainage mill was working in 1869.

Inquest – On Wednesday last an inquest was held ...on the body of William Reed, an engine driver, from London who was sent down to work the Haddiscoe steam drainage mill, by the contractors Messrs Easton's, Amos and Co. On Wednesday morning, between eight and nine o'clock the deceased was in the engine room attending to some part of the machinery that was not at work, and while so engaged he sipped and fell backwards, a distance of several feet, upon the machinery, fracturing his skull and from thence into the water. His fall was heard by two fellow workmen in the adjoining room, and he was at once got out of the water, but he died in the course of a few minutes. Dr Crowfoot of Beccles was at the Haddiscoe station shortly afterwards and kindly lent assistance. The jury returned a verdict of “Accidental Death
Norfolk Chronicle - 13th November 1869

1869: Mill working

Novembere 1869: William Reed, died while working in the mill

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