Pettingill's Mill
drainage pump

River Yare

September 2022
September 2022

Pettingill's drainage pump stood on Haddiscoe Island and was built in about 1800. The three storey tarred tower had a large scoopwheel attached on the north side. The cap was turned to wind using a tailpole and the common sails were connected to a wooden windshaft. Water was pumped using a scoop wheel housed in a wooden shelter.

Pettingill's mill was one of only two pumps in Norfolk to have a wooden commonpole to drive the scoopwheel, the other being Halvergate High's Mill. In 1979 the internal machinery was still intact. Alison Yardy reported that an 'unusual device' was discovered that had been used to centre the cap. Remains of a similar device had been found in only two other Norfolk sites on the River Bure.

Millwrights William T. England converted one pair of common sails to patent sails that had been removed from Caldecott mill. It took employee Arthur Thrower two weeks to drill out the windshaft using spoon-bit auger.

c.1800: Mill built

1939-1945; A tractor was used to provide auxiliary power to drive the scoop wheel

1953: During the floods a tractor was once again used to power the pump

1956: Tractor power replaced by an electric pumping station

2022: Mill tower intact with an aluminium roof

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