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Another of Norfolk's lost mills, Carbrooke mill appeared on Bryant's 1826 map of Norfolk.

Notice re:
Carbrooke Water Mill
John Dearsley, at Carbrooke Mill Lane Post Mill 1811
Norfolk Chronicle - 4th November 1826

Norfolk Chronicle - 18th November 1826
Norfolk Chronicle - 18th November 1826

We believe the mill was on what is now known as 'Carbrooke Fen' (a footpath beginning on the Ovington Road (by Bush Farm) and ending past Fen Farm which leads out onto the Shipdham Road as you leave the village and houses). There is a small stream which has a small 'bridge' about half way around the footpath. I presume the mill would have been where the track crosses the stream, but on the 1826 map, it appears to be in a field next to the stream, although the map does seem to have a couple of mistakes. I understand there were more 'streams' in this area in the past, but over the years the farmers have drained the land, and consolidated the water courses. The Mill appeared to have been taken in by Carbrooke Commanderie, and the very small amount of woodland in this area is still known (just) as St Johns Wood.
Angela Weatherill - 24th October 2016

O. S. Map 1882

O. S. Map 1882
Possible mill site marked in red
Courtesy of NLS map images

The above map shows that the stream running north - south appears to have been artificially straightened for a short section, which is a relatively common occurrence to allow for an unimpeded water flow and space for a mill dam. It is thus a possibility that the mill once stood here.

Bryant's map 1826: Mill

1826: John Stagg Dearsley and James Greave, millers; John Dearsley also at
Carbrooke Mill Lane Post Mill

November 1826: Mill advertised for sale by auction

White's 1836: John Holmes, corn miller

White's 1845: Jonathan Knights, corn miller

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