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Cockley Cley watermill was mentioned in a document pertaining to 1287 and apart from that little else has as yet come to light.

West-Hall Manor (1240)
Henry III ... and in the 24th of the said king ... and in the same year a fine was levied between Brian Fitz Alan, petent and William de Montchensey (whom William le Blouint called to warrant 3 parts of a knight's fee in Cley) except the 20th part released to Warin who regranted to Brian the 3rd part of the said 3 parts ... this 3rd part considted of 297 acres ... the 3rd part of a windmill and watermill ...

Blomefield's History of Norfolk, Vol. VI - Hundred of South Greenhoe

The watermill was on the river to the west below the village, where its border was Mill Common.
Harry Apling - 27th September 1981

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