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Mill House March 1977
Mill House March 1977

Morningthorpe was an estate mill that was demolished many years ago having ceased to work in about 1836.

After the mill ceased working, the stream was diverted and the old mill pond became just a field but the mill house remained. The mill was worked in conjunction with Stratton_St_Michael_Mill_Farm_postmill that stood just to the south of the river.

Sarah Richardson of Pulham St. Mary Magdalen Assignment to
James Cole of Mourning Thorpe, Miller ...

Norfolk Chronicle - 10th August 1805

James Cole died on 5th May 1848 with gross effects of under £600 and left his estate to his wife Ellen Spence (or Spaul) Cole. The executors were Francis Bloy, Robert Page or Robert Press.

Confirmation by Ralph son of Ralph de Boylund to the Hospital of St Giles of Norwich and the master and brethren of same of 3d. yearly rent that Robert his grandfather gave them for a meadow with pasture cont. about 3r. called Dikedeholm in Morningthorpe in Boylund near the water of the water mill ('super aquam molendini aquatici').
Manuscripts of Sir Thomas Phillipps (1792-1872) - Norfolk Record Office

O. S. Map 1883
O. S. Map 1883
Courtesy of NLS map images

White's 1836: James Cole, farmer

c.1290: Manuscript relating to land rental mentions the mill

Index of wills 1649: Theodore Poole, miller

1684-1695: John Fiske, miller (married Rebekah in Forncett St.Peter)

1782: George Hewett, miller, took on apprentice King George

1805: James Cole, miller

Poll book 1806: James Cole, miller

c.1836: Mill ceased working

5th May 1848: James Cole died

19th September 1848: Will of James Cole proved

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