Berdewell's Mill
River Thet

Berdewell's Mill in Rushford parish was built and operated in the 1100s. The mill stood to the west side of the fishing lake with Shadwell Mill on the east side.

As to the separate fishery belonging to it, that laid in Schadewell, (which is a hamlet to  Rushworth,) and extended from Schadewell_Mill, to  Berdewell's Mill, in  Herling-Thorp, on the south side of the river, and had liberty of a boat, and a pool, or wear; towards the latter end of the twelfth century, Philip de Schadewell, who lived by the river, owned it; in 1362, Adam de Schadewell conveyed it to William de Rothyng, parson of  West-Herling, Hen. de Rothyng, and  Cecily  his wife, and their heirs, by the name of  East-Fen Fishery; they were to hold it in as free a manner as  John de Schadewell  his father held it; and at the same time Agnes, widow of  Philip de Schadewell, released her right in it; in 1399, James de Brettenham had it, and sold it to  Tho. Gardiner, clerk, and in 1411, it was conveyed to Thetford  priory, as aforesaid.
Hundred of Guiltcross: Lopham - Francis Blomefield - 1805

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