Wood Dalling Mill

Wood Dalling watermill worked for at least four hundred years, possibly longer. It's location is not known.

Turald was enfeoffed of this lordship by Peter Lord Valoinns and when that lord founded the priory of Binham Turald gave two parts of his tithes to that priory in the reign of Henry I.
Sir Ralph, son of Turald of Wood Dalling ...
Roger, son of Ralph de Dalling ...
William, son of Roger de Dalling released to the prior all his
rights in a windmill and watermill and Richard the prior of Binham confirmed to Sir Ralph, son of Roger de Wood Dalling the watermill and the site of the windmill at WENESCOTE.
In hte 34th of Edward I Anno 1306 this lordship was settled by fine on Simon de Rattlesden.
Blomefield's History of Norfolk; Armstrong's History of Norfolk - Eynesford

A piece of parchment held in the Norfolk Record Office amongst the Aylsham Papers that consist of a small group of title deeds mainly relating to freehold property, bears a record dated 1799 with the title:
Final concord, Shaw vs Rice and Boutell re water mill etc. in Wood Dalling

1306: Mill working

1799: Mill working

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