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Ashill post mill had 5 floors and a roundhouse. When demolished in 1884, the mill only appeared to have one pair of patent sails that were powering two pairs of 4 foot French burr stones, a flour mill and jumper. The mill had a fantail and an oak windshaft. In 1856 the mill was running two pairs of stones.

Letter form Edmund Moundeford of Feltwell (Knighted 1603) to Bassingbourne Gawdy of West Harling (knighted c.1590s) dated 13th January 1600
Robert Newporte, a miller of Ashill, purchased a windmill which cost him all his substance & for which he is indebted £40.
It is now "blown down & overthrown by tempest of wind" to his ruin. Can he be helped by the charitable contribution of the county without waiting for the sessions?
The Gawdy Papers

Ashill Parish Register 1800
Ashill Parish Register 1800

ASHILL in Norfolk.
To be Let With Immediate Possession
One of the best Situations in the County In full Trade Consisting of a Capital WINDMILL with Roundhouse, good Messuage with Barn, Granary, Stable & every other necessary Outbuilding, with or without 12 acres of superior good Land.
Ashill is situated well for good Corn Markets being 3 miles from Watton, 5 from Swaffham & 6 from Dereham.
Apply to Mr. J. LEGGATE, East Bradenham or on the premises, no letters will be answered.
Norfolk Chronicle - 27th October 1821

To be sold on 15 October 1834, at the Crown Inn, Watton.
Lot 1. All that capital Post Windmill, with round house, five floors, going gears, good dwelling house, barn, granary, stable, piggeries, two dwellings in Mill yard, lead jump, outbuildings and three acres of good land adjoining, situate in the parish of Ashill, in the county of Norfolk. Copyhold, fine certain. 1s per acre. Annual outgoings Land Tax 12s. Quit Rent 3d
Norfolk Chronicle - 27th September 1834

To Millers & others
By John KING on Wednesday 15 October 1834 at the Crown Inn, Watton at 4 o’c (Unless previously disposed of by Private Contract)
The following well situated & highly desirable PROPERTY.
LOT 1. All that capital POST WINDMILL with Roundhouse, five floors, going gears, good Dwelling house, barn, granary, stable, piggeries, two dwellings in Mill yard, lead pump with excellent water, every requisite outbuilding together with Garden, orchard & 3 acres (more or less) of good Land adjoining, situated lying & being in the parish of Ashill in the county of Norfolk.
Copyhold, fine certain 1s. per acre. Annual outgoings Land Tax 12s. Quit rent 3d.
Lot 2. 3 acres Arable Land, double cottage & two good gardens.
Lot 3. Freehold Land, 0a.1r.20p.
The above Property is well situated in a large & populous neighbourhood. An extensive wholesale & retain Trade has been carried on for many years past & it is highly desirable as an investment for Capital. £700 may remain upon the Premises if required.
Apply to Mr. John LEGGATE of Carbrooke, Mr. Thos. MAIDWELL, Shipdham or of the Auctioneer, East Dereham.
Norfolk Chronicle - 27th September, 4th & 11th October 1834

To be sold by Auction by Mr. R. BALEY at the Crown Inn, Ashill Monday 18 August 1856 at 6 o’c (unless previously disposed of by Private Contract)
Lot 1. All that capital POST WINDMILL & Round house with iron shaft driving two pairs of stones & well fitted up with Flour Mill, Jumper & all requisite going gears, in good & substantial repair & in good working order.
Also Dwelling House etc. barn, stables, granary & other convenient outbuildings, large & productive orchard well planted with choice fruit trees … two cottages. Inclosure of Arable Land, the whole containing together 2a.3r.10. in the occupation of Mr. Samuel LEGGATE & his undertenants.
The above property abuts on the public road leading from Watton to holme Hale west. Mr. Samuel Leggate is under notice to quit at Michaelmas next.
Apply to Mr. Massey, Solr. Watton or the Auctioneer, Watton.
Norfolk Chronicle - 9th & 16th August 1856

To be Sold by Private Contract
The following valuable Property situate in Ashill, Norfolk, together or separately, a Capital POST WINDMILL & Roundhouse, all in good working order, together with a neat & convenient Dwelling House, barn, stable etc. 2 Cottages & about 8 acres of Land all lying together. Also a Double Cottage & 3 ½ acres of Land & a Cottage in three tenements & 1 acre of land.
The greater part of this Property is Freehold & all the remainder Copyhold. Fine Certain.
For price & particulars apply to Mr. WRIGHTUP, Ashill near Watton.
Part of the purchase money may remain on mortgage.
Norfolk News - 27th March 1858

To be Sold
A DESIRABLE POST WINDMILL with Dwelling house & Cottages & Three Acres of Land at Ashill.
Apply to Mrs. Wm. BUCKENHAM, Attleborough
To Millers
WANTED, a SINGLE MAN. Apply as above.
Norfolk News - 19th February 1859

To Millers
TO LET with possession at Michaelmas next, a POST WIND-MILL with excellent Dwelling House, Two Cottages & Gardens, large Orchard & Three Acres of Land, now in the occupation of the proprietor, situated at Ashill.

Norfolk News - 7th September 1861

Situations Vacant
To Millers
WANTED, a Young Man as MILLER.
Apply to Mr. BUCKENHAM, Ashill, Watton.

Norfolk News - 10th November 1866

TO BE LET, the ASHILL MILL. Good House, Gardens and Orchard and Eighteen Acres of Superior Land.
Apply to Mr. Wm. BUCKENHAM, Mill Farm, St. Faiths.
Norfolk News - 23rd & 30th May 1868

JOHN BUCKENHAM the younger of Ashill in the county of Norfolk, Mill & farmer having been adjudged bankrupt in the County Court of Norfolk holden at Swaffham on the 15 th day of May 1868 … to surrender … 2 June 1868



Lynn Advertiser - 23rd May 1868

THE ASHILL MILL with Dwelling house, eight Cottages, Garden & Orchard with 18 Acres of superior Arable Land.
Apply to Mr. William BUCKENHAM, The Lodge Farm, Drayton, Norwich.
Norfolk News - 31st July & 2nd August 1869

Houses etc.
TO BE LET at Ashill, the WINDMILL with about 18 acres of superior ARABLE LAND.
Apply to Mr. BUCKENHAM, St. Faiths or Mr. CLIFTON on the premises.
Norfolk News - 22nd July, 19th & 26th August 1871

ASHILL, etc. Norfolk
James MOBBS is favoured with instructions to Sell by Auction at the royal Hotel, Norwich on Saturday 13 May 1882 at 12 for 1 at noon the following very valuable PROPERTY in four lots
AT ASHILL near Watton
Lot 1. The capital & commodious DWELLING HOUSE with Orchard, Gardens, Yards, Cottages & Agricultural Buildings thereto. Also the substantially built POST WINDMILL known as “Ashill Mill”, with the Double Cottage & Gardens attached & about 11 acres of productive Arable LAND.
Possession of the foregoing Lots can be given at Michaelmas next.
Particulars of Messrs. KEITH, BLAKE & CO, The Chantry, Norwich, also of M.S. EMERSON, Esq. Solr. Rampant Horse Street; of Messrs. BAVIN & DAYNES, Solrs. Exchange Street, Norwich & at the Auctioneer’s Offices, Orford Hill, Norwich

Norfolk Chronicle 22nd April, 29th April & 6 May 1882

ASHILL, Norfolk
To be sold by auction by Messrs. OLDMAN & SON
On the premises, Ashill, Norfolk on Tuesday October 28, 1884, all
Of the Post Windmill recently taken down:-
Comprising two pairs of 4 ft. French Burr Millstones & one pair 5 ft. ditto, bridging pots & brasses, two patent stone boxes, head & spur wheels & gear, Oak shaft with cast iron pole end, fine oak post & crown tree & a complete set of crosstrees & spurs, flour dresser, an excellent pair of mill stairs, pair of capital patent sails & set of winding tackle, with sundry beams, bins, about two tons of wrought & cast iron, weather boarding, & several lots of firewood.
Sale at 2 o’c prompt.

Lynn Advertiser - 15th October 1884

O. S. Map 1882
O. S. Map 1882
Mill is marked by red circle top left
Courtesy of NLS map images

1599: Robert Newporte, miller

1599: Mill blown down

Parish Register: Windmill first erected 1800

October 1821: Mill advertised to be let

Bryant's map 1826: Mill

Greenwood's map 1834: Mill

September 1834: Mill advertised to be let and also for sale by auction

White's 1836: John Wilden, corn miller

White's 1845: Samuel Leggate, miller

White's 1854: Samuel Leggatt, corn miller

March 1856: Mill advertised for sale by auction

March 1858: Mill advertised for sale by private contract

1859: Mrs. William Buckenham

March 1859: Mill advertised for sale by private contract

September 1861: Mill advertised to be let

White's 1864: William Buckenham, corn miller

1866: John Buckenham, miller

May 1868: John Buckenham jnr miller & farmer bankrupt

May 1868: Mill advertised to be let

1869: Mill advertised to be let

1871: Mr. Clifton, miller

1871: Mill advertised to be let

1872-75: Henry Glasspool, miller

April 1882: Mill advertised for sale by auction

White's 1883: William Dennis, miller

1884: Mill demolished

Tuesday 28th October 1884: Mill machinery sold at auction

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