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January 1911
January 1911

Attleborough Station Mill was a 5 storey tower mill that stood in Buckenham Road, next to the malthouses just to the south of the railway station. It stood next door to Tyrrell & Byford’s premises at the bottom of that road on the south side. The mill used 4 patent sails and was advertised as powering 2 pairs of French burr stones in 1860, 3 pairs by 1861 and 2 pairs once more in 1867. By 1857 an steam mill had been installed alongside the towermill and a bake office was being run by 1868. The sack hoist was driven by a slack belt.

The tower was constructed out of clay lump and faced with brick. This was a quite unusual form of construction and although the materials were relatively cheap, the relatively soft clay lump blocks were prone to water corrosion and thus their strength factor was somewhat suspect.

The only other towermills known to have been built of clay lump were Carleton Rode towermill and possibly Besthorpe towermill, although Besthorpe Black Carr postmill had a clay lump roundhouse.

January 1911
January 1911

To Millers & Merchants
TO LET A newly erected Steam Flour Mill doing a good Business with comfortable Residence and suitable outbuildings, together with a Windmill if desired, both being conveniently situated and near the Railway Station, Attleborough, Norfolk.
Apply to Mr. W. Buckenham, Attleborough.

Norfolk News - 28th March 1857

To Millers
WANTED, angle man. Good references required.
Apply to Mr. Wm. Buckenham, Attleborough.
Norfolk News - 13th August 1859

To Millers, Merchants & others.
To be Sold by Private Contract
The STEAM MILL situate in the centre of the Market Town of Attleborough with Brick sash-fronted RESIDENCE, Outbuildings, Gardens & Orchard. Also the TOWER WINDMILL near the Railway Station on the Eastern Counties Line from which there is easy communication to all parts of the country.
Part of the purchase money may remain. Immediate possession can be given.
Apply to Mr. Wm. Buckenham, Ashill near Watton.
Norfolk Chronicle - 26th May 1860 & Norfolk News 19th & 26th May 1860

Newly erected & substantially built Steam Mill, Windmill, two Dwelling Houses, Public House, 8 Cottages & gardens situate in the town of Attleborough.
Salter & Simpson
Have received instructions from Mr. Wm. Buckenham to offer for Sale by Auction at the Griffin Inn, Attleborough on Thursday July 12, 1860 at 5 o’c, in lots, the above Valuable Property.
Norfolk Chronicle - 18th & 23rd June 1860

and GARDENS, situate in the Town of

Have received instructions from Mr. Wm. BUCKENHAM to OFFER FOR SALE BY AUCTION, at the Griffin Inn, Attleborough, on THURSDAY, JULY 12th, 1860, at Five o'clock in the Afternoon, in Six Lots, the following VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY:-
Lot 1. Steam Flour Mill … 12 h.p. engine …
Lot 5. New Railway Tavern
Lot 6. A newly erected & substantially built TOWER WINDMILL with five floors, cap and winding tackle, fitted with four patent sails, two pairs of French stones and all requisite going gears and machinery thereto belonging; also, a Pightle of Productive PASTURE LAND adjoining.
The above Lot from its proximity to the Railway Station offers peculiar advantages to a miller or merchant.
Particulars of Messrs. F. F. and G. F. Francklin, Solicitors, and of the Auctioneers, Attleborough.
Norfolk Chronicle & Norfolk News - 30th June & 7th July 1860 (As advertised in June)

To Millers
To Let
A BRICK TOWER WINDMILL with Dwelling house, Granaries, Stables, & Cart Lodge & about 3 acres of Land at Attleborough.
Apply to Mr. William Buckenham, Ashill.
Norfolk News - 4th August 1860

To Let at Attleborough
A TOWER WINDMILL & 3 Acres of Land, also two pairs of Stones & Flour Mill fixed for Grinding by Steam.
Apply to Mr. Wm. BUCKENHAM, Ashill.
Norfolk News - 11th August 1860

To Millers
A CAPITAL BRICK TOWER WINDMILL driving three pairs of Stones. Also a first class Steam Mill, a Six horse power, to be Let with immediate possession with a convenient Dwelling house (nearly new)
Apply to Mr. John Semmense, Attleborough.
Norfolk News - 6th, 13th & 20th April 1861

To Let
The TOWER WINDMILL near Attleborough station, in the occupation of Mr. Buckenham.
Rent moderate.
Norfolk News - 2nd August 1862

Thomas Martin was running Carleton_Rode_towermill in 1864-65, which was another mill also built of clay lump.

Freehold Tower Windmill & Dwelling House near the Railway Station
Mr. Hunter will sell by Auction under Trusts for Sale at the New Inn, Attleburgh on Thursday 19 September 1867 at 5 for 6 o’c
A substantially erected Brick TOWER WINDMILL having five floors, two patent sails, driving two pairs of French stones & winding itself. The Mill is in excellent order. Also a newly erected Dwelling House comprising 6 Rooms, with Stable, Cart Shed & Granary over the same, with Garden & Land containing altogether about 100 rods. The premises were late in the occupation of Mr. Thomas MARTIN deceased.
Possession of the above may be had immediately
Part of the purchase money may be had on Mortgage
Particulars of Mr. Abel Tillett, Solr. 8 St. Andrews Plain, Norwich & of the Auctioneer, St. Andrews Plain, Norwich & place of Sale.
Norfolk Chronicle & Norfolk News - 7th & 14th September 1867

To be Let.
An Excellent Brick Tower WINDMILL, Dwelling House, BAKE OFFICE, Large Garden & two Cottages adjoining. There is a capital Trade attached to the Mill & the Bake Office does about 6 sacks per week which may be greatly increased by an energetic Tenant.
Possession of the Windmill, House & Garden may be had immediately & of the Cottages at Michaelmas next. Rent very moderate & a Lease will be granted if required.
Apply to Messrs. Hewitt& Capon, Land Agents & Surveyors, London Street, Norwich.
Norfolk Chronicle & Norfolk News - 13th & 20th June, 18th & 25th July & 1st & 8th August 1868

Situations Vacant
Wanted a steady active Youth as an APPRENTICE or IMPROVER, to work in a Tower Wind Mill.
Apply to W. Beales, Attleborough.
Norfolk News - 21st September 1872

Norwich Mercury - 20th September 1873

Norwich Mercury - 20th September 1873

Situations Vacant
WANTED, a steady active Young MAN to assist in working a TOWER Mill, an improver not objected to.
Apply William Beales, Station Mill, Attleborough, Norfolk.

Norfolk News - 10th January 1874

Situations Vacant
Wanted, a steady active single Young Man to assist in working a Tower Windmill. Board & Lodge in the house.
Apply William Beales, Station Mill, Attleborough, Norfolk.
Norfolk News - 14th November 1874

At auction last month a brick tower windmill at Attleborough, in Norfolk, found a purchaser at £165 in Mr. David Moore.
The Miller - 4th June 1906

Collapse of an Attleborough Windmill
The disused Station Mill which was formerly worked by Mr. Chas. Chenery at Attleborough suddenly collapsed about 3 o’clock on Saturday (21st) morning. About 30 yards from the mill is a house which been in the occupation of Mr. Buckle, coal merchant for about a week. In falling, the top of the mill, with its heavy machinery struck the end of the dwelling a glancing blow which smashed the fireplace of the living room. The room presented a curious sight, one side being littered with clay lump and broken bricks. Mr. Buckle's little daughter had a startling experience, the shock from the fall knocking in the wall of her bedroom and throwing a chair upon her bed. Fortunately for the occupant of the house, the building in crumbling buckled in the middle and crumpled up on its own base, otherwise the house would have been buried in the debris. The mill was built of clay lump faced with brick and its condition had been dangerous for some time.

Dereham & Fakenham Times - 28th January 1911

Map 1882

O. S. Map 1882
Courtesy of NLS map images

1857: William Buckenham, miller, Buckenham Road

March 1857: Towermill and steam mill advertised to be let

May 1860: Towermill and steam mill advertised for private sale

June 1860: Towermill and steam mill advertised for sale by auction

July 1860: Towermill and steam mill advertised for sale by auction

August 1860: Mill advertised to be let

April 1861: Mill advertised to be let

August 1862: Mill advertised to be let

1863: William Buckenham, miller, Buckenham Road

1867: Thomas Martin, miller

1867: Thomas Martin died

September 1867: Mill advertised for sale by auction

June 1868: Mill advertised to be let

1872: William Beales, miller

September 1873: Mill advertised to be let

1874: William Beales, miller

1878: William Beales, miller

Kelly's 1879: George Pratt, miller, Station mill

White's 1883: George Pratt, corn miller

O.S. map 1882: Windmill (Corn)

1888: Mrs. Emily Pratt, miller & merchant

Kelly's 1892: Emily Potter (Mrs.), miller (wind & steam) & corn, coal & coke merchant, Station mill

Kelly's 1896: Emily Pratt (Mrs.), miller (wind & steam) & corn, cake & seed merchant, Station mill

Kelly's 1900: Emily Pratt (Mrs.), miller (wind & steam) & corn, coal, cake & seed merchant, Station mill

O.S. map 1904: Windmill (Corn)

Kelly's 1904:Charles William Chenery, miller (wind & steam) & corn, coal, cake, seed & manure merchant

May 1906: Mill purchased by David Moore for £165

21st January 1911: Mill collapsed

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