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Barton Turf postmill had a 20ft diameter brick roundhouse and was powered by one pair of common sails and one pair of double shuttered patent sails that ran 2 pairs of stones to grind flour and in later years grist. The sails were turned to the wind via a tailpole.

To be SOLD
The ESTATE of the late Robert Woolterton's, Miller, deceased, at Barton Turf in the county of Norfolk, consisting of a Dwelling House & Barn & two Acres of Land with the Wind-Mill thereon in good Repair.
N.B. The House is entirely new, Brick & Tile
Enquire of Mr. Edmund Clipperton of Barton Turf afgoresaid, his Executor.
Norwich Mercury - 6th February 1762

A Desirable ESTATE in Barton Turf in Norfolk consisting of a Dwelling house & other buildings, a windmill & about 4 acres of good land, in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Cadge, of which possession may be had at Michaelmas next.
Apply to Messrs. Foster &B Unthank, Solrs. in Norwich
Norfolk Chronicle - 22nd April 1815

Will, of Thomas Cadge
Ann (wife) Executrix
Robert Harvey, brother-in-law of Wortwell, Flour Merchant & Farmer, Executor.
"... that the said Ann, my wife, shall & do, by & under the direction of my said Executor hold to occupy my Mill & Land that I hire & occupy in Barton Turf aforesaid or in any other town adjoining & have the usae of as much money as my Executor should think proper to carry on the trade of the mill ..."
Will dated 5th December 1790
Will proved at Norwich 22nd November 1817

Map 1835-39 Jas. Wright, Land Surveyor, Aylsham
OWNER: Thomas Cadge

No. 199 House, Yards & Windmill 0a. 1r. 26p. part 2a. 2r. 34p. 17s. 3d.
Also Nos. 198 & 200

22nd May 1978

Mrs. Yaxley, who was the daughter of Samuel Chapman, was born at the mill in 1898

O. S. Map 1885
O. S. Map 1885
Courtesy of NLS map images

1761: Robert Woolterton, miller

February 1762: Mill advertised for sale after the death of Robert Woolterton

1790: Thomas Cadge snr, miller

Faden's map 1797: Barton W. Mill

April 1815: Mill advertised for sale

20th May 1816: Thomas Cadge buried aged 72 (born 1744)

1817: Anne Cadge (Mrs), miller

22nd November 1817: Will of Thomas Cadge proved

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

White's 1836: Thomas Cadge, corn miller & yeoman

11th march 1838: Ann Cadge died aged 90 (born 1748; buried 16th March 1838)

Census 1841:

Thomas Cadge (48) miller
Harriet Cadge (45)
Harriet Harmer (15) servant
All household living in Mill Lane and born Norfolk

25th January 1844: Thomas Cadge died aged 51 (Born 1793; buried 31st January 1844)

1844: Will of Thomas Cadge proved

White's 1845: Harriet Cadge, corn miller

Census 1851:

Harriett Cadge (62) b.Barton Turf, occupier of Mill
Robert Goulder (50) b.Needham, journeyman miller
Henry Goulder (21) b.Wroxham, journeyman miller
Harriett Harmer (26) b.Barton Turf, servant

White's 1854: Harriet Cadge, corn miller

1858: Harriet Cadge, miller

26th October 1862: Harriet Cadge died aged 75 (born 1787; buried 31st October 1862)

1863: Henry Goulder, miller

White's 1864: Robert Goulder, corn miller

Kelly's 1879: Robert Goulder, miller

21st January 1881: Rober Goulder buried aged 76 (born 1805)

White's 1883: Henry Christmas Goulder, miller & farmer

O.S. map 1885: Windmill (Corn)

Kelly's 1892: Henry Christmas Goulder, miller (wind)

Kelly's 1896: Henry Christmas Goulder, miller (wind), assist. overseer & tax collector & farmer

2nd October 1896: Henry Christmas Goulder buried aged 67 (born 1829)

c.1898: Mill ceased operation

Kelly's 1900: Samuel Chapman, corn & flour dealer, Barton mill

12th February 1916: Mary Goulder (of Gorleston) buried aged 92 (born 1824)

Karl Wood painting 1937: Roundhouse roofed and residential

May 1978: Single storey roundhouse with no roof

1952: Mr. Capron, Capron & Helliwell, solicitors, Mill House

c.1959: Ernest Wilshaw, garage proprietor

21st August 1979: Old Mill Garage. Single storey unroofed roundhouse containing a Hercules windpump with the shaft disconnected

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