Blofield Heath smockmill

Blofield Heath smockmill was built in 1815 to replace an earlier postmill on the same site. The mill had 4 common sails with 10½ yards of sail that powered two pairs of French burr stones and two flour mills. The mill stood just to the south of Mill Road that leads to Hemblington Corner.

In 1816 the combined grinding capacity was:
3 to 4 lasts per week = 60 - 80 coomb sacks per pair of stones
giving a total output of 6 to 8 lasts per week = 120 - 160 coomb sacks

Notice to debtors of
Elizabeth Woolterton, Miller of Hemblington ...

Norfolk Chronicle - 3rd September 1803

First half of advertisement referred to Potter Heigham but is not yet on this website

And to be Sold by Auction by WM. SPELMAN On Wednesday 14 August 1818 At the Globe Inn, Blofield at 4 o’c
By order of the said Assignees (under a Commission of Bankruptcy against John Wolterton LUBBOCK otherwise Woolterton John LUBBOCK)
All the Household Furniture & other effects late of the said Bankrupt ...
Immediately after the Sale of Furniture etc.
Will be Sold by Auction by WM. SPELMAN
A Capital SMOCK MILL in the parish of BLOFIELD, with about half an acre of freehold land. The Mill has been built only within the last twelve months, stands well for wind, in a remarkably good corn country & is capable of manufacturing from 6 to 8 lasts per week. It consists of ten yards & a half of sail, two pair of French stones, two flour mills with going gears, tackle and appurtenancies.
The moveables to be taken at a valuation.
The Mill may be viewed at any time previous to the sale on application at the Globe Inn.
Apply to Mr. H. FRANCIS, Solr. Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 13th July, 3rd & 10th August 1818

1815: Mill built

White's 1816: Woolterton John Lubbock, miller

1816: Woolterton John Lubbock, miller, bankrupt

August 1816: Mill advertised for sale along with the effects of Woolterton John Lubbock

Bryant's map 1826: Mill

c.1833: Mill dismantled and replaced by Blofield Heath towermill

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