Lingwood Road

Blofield Lingwood Road postmill stood to the east of Blofield. In 1847 the mill was powered by one pair of common sails and one pair of patent sails but by 1852 a second pair of patent sails had been fitted that ran two pairs of French burr stones, a flour mill and jumper.

John Tooke
Signatory to Notice re SACK ASSOCIATION

Norfolk Chronicle - 7th & 21st May 1791

To be Sold by Auction by J. CULLEY At the Waggon & Horses Inn, Tombland, Norwich on Saturday 15 July 1826 at 4 o’c
In Blofield
Lot 1. All that capital POST WIND-MILL, with brick roundhouse, containing two floors, the mill driving two pair of French stones in spur gears, with Flour Mill & Jumper all in good repair. Also a convenient Dwelling house, garden well planted with fruit trees, barn, stable, piggeries & other requisite buildings & two Inclosures of Land all lying together & containing 6 acres or thereabouts, situate next the road leading to Lingwood & in the occupation of Mr. John Pyle.

Lot 2. Two Inclosures of excellent Land lying next the road to Strumpshaw containing 6a. 2r. 0p. or thereabouts also in the occupation of Mr. John Pyle.
All Freehold. Possession at Old Michaelmas next.
Apply to Messrs. Steward & Skipper or Messrs. Unthank, Foster & Unthank, Solrs. Norwich or the Auctioneer.

Norfolk Chronicle - 8th & 15th July 1826

By WM. SPELMAN on Monday September 19, 1831
(By Order of the Trustee)
All the valuable & useful Household Furniture … Mill fixtures & other effects on the Premises occupied by Mr. Welch, Miller at Blofield, Norfolk …
Also the Fixtures & Implements in the Windmill
Catalogues of the Auctioneer, Dukes Palace, Norwich.
Sale at 11 o’c

Norfolk Chronicle - 17th September 1831

To be Sold by Private Contract. A capital Post Windmill, driving two pair of French stones, with everything complete, situate at Blofield, and with a comfortable dwelling house, Barn, Stable, and Outbuildings, and between six and seven acres of rich arable land.
The above property is all freehold. Apply to Mr. S. Robertson on the premises.
Also 19 November, 3, 10 & 17 December. Apply Mr. Steward, Solr. Norwich

Norfolk Chronicle - 12th & 19th November, 3rd, 10th & 17th December 1836

To Millers & others
To be sold by Private Contract
A capital POST WINDMILL driving 2 pairs of French stones with everything complete, situate at Blofield.
Apply to Mr. Robertson on the premises.

Norfolk Chronicle - 3rd December 1836

To be Sold by Auction by J. CULLEY at the Bell Inn, Orford Hill, Norwich on Saturday 25 March at 4 o’c
(Unless sooner Disposed of by Private Contract)
All that POST WINDMILL working two pair of Stones, Yard, excellent Dwelling house & Premises & Land containing with the site of the Buildings nearly six Acres. The Estate is situate in Blofield & is in the occupation of Mr. Robertson the Proprietor.
Early possession will be given & a large portion of the Purchase Money may remain on Mortgage at a reduced rate of interest.
Apply to Mr. Steward, Solr. Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 11th, 18th & 25th March 1837

To be LET with Immediate Possession
A Capital WINDMILL, Dwelling house & Premises & 6 acres of Land at Blofield
Apply to Mr. Steward, Solr. Norwich

Norfolk Chronicle - 18th April 1837

POST WIND MILL, Dwelling house & about 6 acres of Productive Lane at BLOFIELD.
Wm. Spelman & Son are instructed by the Executors of Mr. William Pearce deceased to Sell by Auction on Saturday 25 September 1847 at the Norfolk Hotel, Norwich at 3 o’c
A POST WINDMILL, Dwelling house, Barn, Stables, Gig house, Cart sheds & Outbuildings, Garden & 3 pieces of Arable Land containing altogether about 6 acres situate at Blofield, Norfolk.
The Mill stands well for wind, drives two pairs of stones, has 2 spring & 2 common sails, flour mill & jumper & all going gears.
The House …
The above is in the occupation of Mr. Alfred Gibbs under an agreement of which 6 years are unexpired at Michaelmas next at a yearly rent of £55.
Particulars of Messrs. Jay& Pilgrim, Solrs. or the Auctioneers, Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 11th, 18th & 25th September 1847

Post Windmill, Dwelling house & about 5 acres of Land.
Messrs. SPELMAN have received instructions to SELL by AUCTION at the Norfolk Hotel, Norwich on Saturday 24 May 1862 at 2 for 3 o’c.
A POST WINDMILL, comfortable Dwelling house, Stables, Gig house, Barn & other Outbuildings with Orchard, Garden & two pieces of fine Arable Land containing altogether 5a.1r.6p. in the occupation of Mr. WARD who is under notice to quit at Michaelmas.
The Mill drives two pairs of French stones, flour mill & jumper, has patent sails, cast iron shaft & stands well for wind.
The above Property is Freehold & is situate at Blofield on the Lingwood road within a short distance of the Yarmouth Turnpike & about two miles from the Brundall Station.

Particulars of Messrs. JAY & PILGRIM, Solrs. Norwich & of the Auctioneers.
Norfolk Chronicle - 10th & 17th May 1862 & Norfolk News - 17th May 1862

Freehold Windmill & 5a.1r.6p. of Capital Arable Land, Dwelling House & Premises with immediate possession, on which three fourths of the purchase money may remain on Mortgage.
Clowes& Flowerdew are favoured with instructions to Sell by Auction at the Globe Inn, Blofield on Tuesday September 5, 1865 at 6 for 7 o’c, the above as lately occupied by Mr. Philip Postle, deceased.
Apply to Messrs. Miller, Son & Bugg, Solrs. or at the Auctioneers office, Bank Chambers, Norwich

Norfolk Chronicle - 19th & 26th August & 2nd September 1865

Blofield. Mill House, Lingwood Road
Messrs. John Standley & Sons have received instructions from Mr. W. Hortin (who is leaving England) to Sell by Auction on Monday April 17, 1871 all his neat & modern Household Furniture. Also a Pony Basket Car, Harness & other Effects.
Sale to commence at 11 o’c precisely

Norfolk News - 1st April 1871

Faden's Map 1797

Faden's Map 1797
Courtesy of Larks Press

O.S. Map 1884
O.S. Map 1884
Map to show mill in relation to village
Courtesy of NLS map images

O.S. Map 1884
O.S. Map 1884
Courtesy of NLS map images

White's 1883: William Skipp Edrich, farmer

Faden's map 1797: Blofield W. Mill

1802: William Barnes, miller

1813: John Tuck, miller

1826: John Pyle, miller

Bryant's map 1826: Mill

July 1826: Mill advertised for sale by auction

1831: ? Welch, miller

September 1831: Mill advertised for sale by auction

White's 1836: Samuel Robertson, corn miller

November 1836: Mill advertised for sale by private contract

1837: Samuel Robertson, miller

March 1837: Mill advertised for sale by auction

April 1837: Mill advertised to be let

Census 1841: Edward Rising (35) miller
Jemima Rising (30)
Thomas Rising (8)

White's 1845: Edward Rising, corn miller

1846: Wiliam Pearce, miller

1847: William Pearce died

September 1847: MIll advertised for sale by auction

1847: Alfred G. Gibbs, miller

White's 1854: Alfred Gibbs, corn miller

1862: ? Ward, miller

May 1862: Mill advertised for sale by auction

1863: Philip Postle, miller

1865: Philip Postle died

August 1865: Mill advertised for sale by auction

1865: John Wiliam Hilling, miller

1868: Henry Edrich miller & farmer

1868: Henry Edrich miller & farmer

1868: Henry Edrich miller & farmer

1871: W. Hortin, Mill House

April 1871: Mill House advertised fo sale by auction as W. Hortin emigrating

O.S. map 1884: Blofield Windmill (Corn)

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