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Briggate old towermill stood around 200 yards to the north of Briggate_watermill and the two were worked together.
The mill was quite tall with 6 floors and ran French burr stones. In 1793 the mill was advertised as grinding 80 quarters of wheat per week.

At the Maids Head in Worstead in the County of Norfolk on Monday the 6th of January 1766 between the Hours of 3 and 6 in the Afternoon

A Good accustomed WIND-MILL in Worstead aforesaid, in the present Occupation of John Mendham at the yearly Rent of £20. The said Mill is in very good Repair and most of the Works almost new. Is situated extraordinarily well for a Grist or Flower Mill as she has Trenches and all other Utensils suitable for the Flower Manufactory and is very near Water Carriage to Yarmouth.
For further Particulars apply to Mr. Knights of North Walsham.

Norwich Mercury - 26th December 1765 & 4th January 1766

To be SOLD
At Worstead in the County of Norfolk
A Good WIND-MILL with Boulting-mill, Wheel and French Stones almost new.
Enquire of Mr. Richard Johnson of Tunsteads or Mr. Thomas Cubitt of Honing.

Norwich Mercury - 27th September & 4th October 1766

November 4th

As an Opinion has lately prevailed that the MILLERS have always refused to grind Corn for the Poor or other Persons in small Quantities or if they did, that Abuses were made use of to damage the same; To remove such Prejudices for the future, we whose Names are hereunder subscribed, residing in the several Parishes mentioned with our Names, have engaged for the Time to come or until the Prices of Corn shall be very considerably reduced, to grind (at Threepence per Bushel) Corn in small Quantities for the Poor and other Persons in the speediest, best and most proper Manner and deliver the same without and Adulteration.
John Withers, Northwalsham
Robert Colls, Worstead
Wm. Pepper & Co. Buxton
Robert Parmeter, Aylsham
N.B. MEAL will be sold by us in small Quantities as cheap as the Prices of Corn, which we shall be oblig'd to give, will possibly admit of.
Norwich Mercury - 15th November 1766
N.B. The average price of wheat in 1766 was £2. 3s. 1d. per quarter.

WATER & WINDMILL, Norfolk. To be Sold by Auction
Under a Commission of Bankruptcy awarded against Robert Colls, on Wednesday 18 September next at the Kings Head, Market Place, Norwich, at 12 o'c noon.
The unexpired Term of Thirteen Years from Michaelmas 1793 of and in all that capital WATER_CORN_MILL in Worstead, Norfolk, commonly called Briggate Mill, at an annual Ground rent of £8 only. Also all that spacious TOWER WINDMILL near the same, with a capital Brick Dwelling house, Stables, Granary, Yards and Garden belonging to the said Water_Mill and also a genteel modern Brick Dwelling house, Stable, Coachhouse and two walled-in Gardens well planted with Fruit trees, near the said windmill, with three Brick Cottages, Barn and 25 acres by estimate of rich Arable pasture Land in a high state of cultivation chiefly freehold.
N.B. The Water Mill is large and commodious, built upon an improved plan, with Nine Feet Head of Water and capable of manufacturing 100 quarters of wheat weekly.
The Windmill has six regular Floors, is as large as any Mill in the Kingdom and will manufacture 80 quarters of wheat weekly; situate in a fertile part of the county, well known for producing the choicest Wheat, within 2 miles of a navigable river to the port of Yarmouth, 5 of the Sea, 3 of North Walsham and 12 of Norwich and possession may be had at Old Michaelmas next.
Apply to Mr. John Houchen of Wereham, Norfolk, Mr. Daniel Bloom of Trowse Mill near Norwich or at Mr. Wm. Dearn's, Attorney at Law, North Walsham.

Norfolk Chronicle - 31st August & 7th September 1793

To be Sold (21 June only:- By Order of the Court of Chancery) by Auction. Peremptorily
At the Kings Head, Norwich on Saturday 28 June instant between the hours of 12 & 2 o'c.

The unexpired Term of all those Water_Corn_Mills etc. Also a Capital Tower WINDMILL situate within 200 yards of the Water_Mill, with a capital Mansion house to each mill, coachhouses, stables, granaries ... The windmill is substantial and strong built, has six regular floors, supposed to be as large as any Mill in the Kingdom, capable of manufacturing 80 quarters of wheat weekly the year through.
The above premises are contiguous to each other and is well known to be the most eligibly situated in the County for the buying and delivery of corn.
N.B. The Purchaser may have have immediate possession and further particulars may be had of Mr. John Houchen of Wereham, Norfolk, Mr. Daniel Bloom, Trowse, Norwich or Mr. Wm. Dearn, Attorney at Law, North Walsham, Norfolk and at the place of sale.

Norfolk Chronicle - 14th & 21st June 1794

To be Sold
All those valuable CORNMILLS, Granaries, Stables and other convenient Buildings, with some land and an exceeding good Dwelling house, situate in Worstead, the finest part of the county of Norfolk for Wheat, distant two miles from Northwalsham, a market town and within two miles of a navigable river to Yarmouth.
Possession may be had at Midsummer next.
Enquire of Mr. Daniel Bloom at Trowse or Mr. Wm. Forster at the Dukes Palace Yard, Norwich.
N.B. If not Sold, they will be Let.

Norfolk Chronicle - 14th March 1795

AT WORSTEAD in Norfolk
A Capital Brick WIND-MILL capable of doing a deal of business in grinding Corn and making Flour, with an exceeding good Dwelling house and about 7 acres of excellent Land.
N.B. Possession of the Mill may be had immediately and of the House and Land at Michaelmas next.
Enquire of Mr. Wm. Foster at the Dukes Palace, Norwich

April 25, 1800.
Norfolk Chronicle - 26th April 1800

To be Sold
On the ground where the Worstead Tower Mill stood
A Considerable quantity of good hard burnt BRICKS at 24s. per thousand.
Enquire of Mr. D. Dobbs, bricklayer, North Walsham.

Norfolk Chronicle - 18th July 1812

Index of Wills 1720: James Broune, miller

1765: John Mendham, miller

December 1766: Mill advertised for sale by auction

1766: John Mendham, miller

September 1766: Mill advertised for sale

1793: John Mendham, miller

August 1793: Mill advertised for sale by auction along with watermill due to bankruptcy of Robert Colls

March 1795: Mill advertised for sale along with watermill

Faden's map 1797: Worstead Wind & Watermill

April 1800: Mill advertised to be let

1812: Mill dismantled and bricks advertised for sale in July of that year

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