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Brooke High Green post mill had a mill buck set above a brick roundhouse and the mill ran 2 pairs of French burr stones powered by one pair of patent sails and one pair of common sails.

At the King's Head Inn, Brooke,
On Friday, the 12 day of June next
At Four o'clock in the Afternoon,

A Capital POST WIND MILL, in Brooke, Norfolk, with two pair of French Stones at the Head, Flour Mill & Sack tackling compleat, together with a Cottage, Stable & Cart shed & half an Acre of Land.
Apply to Mr. B. Bird, Miller, Hales, or to Messrs. Kingsbury & Margitson, Bungay.
Norfolk Chronicle - 30th May & 6th June 1829

Tithe Award 1840
Owner: Henry Stanton
Occupier: William Tipple

No. 229 Mill & Meadow Mill etc. 0a. 3r. 8p. 4s.

To Be Let. A WINDMILL wth roundhouse & all requisite Outbuildingfs carrying on a full business.
Inquire of Mr. Lawrence, Brooke High Green, Norfolk

Norfolk Chronicle & Norwich Gazette - 23rd March 1850

To be Let with Immediate Possession.
A POST WINDMILL wth roundhouse & about One Acre of Land.
The Mill drives two pairs ofd French Stones, Flour Mill & Jumper.
Apply to Mt. Bardwell, Solr., Close, Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle & Norwich Gazette - 25th May 1850

To be Sold by Auction
Wind Mill & Land at BROOKE

By J, M,. GOFF & SONS at the King's Head Inn, Brooke on Friday September 17, 1852 at 4 o'c.
That well timbered POST WIND MILL situated in the centre of the distinguished village of Brooke with spacious Roundhouse, driving two pairs of French Stones, two patent and two common sails together with brick built cart shed, stable & piggery & nearly 1 acre of very superior land producing brick earth & having a frontage next the road of 220 feet.
This desirable property is part Freehold & part Copyhold (fine certain)
Apply to RE. Stanton of Rendham Hall or to the Auctioneers, Loddon & Southwold.

Norfolk Chronicle - 4th & 11th September 1852

June 1829: Mill advertised to be sold at auction

Tithe Award 1840: William Tipple, miller

1850: Mr. Lawrence, miller

September 1852: Mill advertised to be sold at auction

March 1850: Mill advertised to be let

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