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31st October 1893
31st October 1893

Caister East tower mill was 42 foot high red brick mill that stood adjacent to Beach Road. In 1835 the mill was using two pairs of French Stones and a flour powered by sails on a cast iron windshaft. In 1842, common sails had recently been replaced by double shuttered patent sails. Also on the site at that time were a dwelling house, suitable storage, garden and a newly erected bakehouse.

Particulars & Conditions of Sale of a Valuable Freehold Estate situate at Caistor near Great Yarmouth in Norfolk
To be Sold by Auction by Mr. William Butcher in 9 Lots at the Kings Arms, Caistor on Monday 13 April 1835 at 2 o’c in the afternoon
By Order of the Mortgagee
For particulars & conditions of sale apply to Mr. Cuddon, Conveyancer or the Auctioneer, Theatre Street, Norwich.
Lot 1.
A Brick & Tiled Messuage, Barn, Stable, Yard & Garden occupied by William Davey; also three other Tenements with Gardens attached, in the several occupations of Mrs. Mercey, John Meachen & Daniel Beck,
Lot 2.
A Brick Tower Windmill driving two pair of Stones, with Flour Mill & Cast Iron Shaft, erected in the most substantial manner about 17 years since, with a large Yard, Garden & Carpenter’s Shop.
Lots 3 – 9

All the above Lots are situate in Caistor next Yarmouth, are all freehold & except the Cottages, are in the tenure of Mr. William Davey.

Norfolk Record Office

To Millers
CAISTER near Yarmouth
To be Let or Sold With Possession at Michaelmas.
An excellent Brick Tower Windmill in full work, driving two pairs of French Stones & having recently had Patent Sails affixed.
Also a Cottage & Garden near with a Stable, Barn & about 2 acres of Land, now occupied by Mr. Beck.
Freehold. The tenant will show the premises.
Apply to Messrs. Cuddon, Conveyancers, St. Giles Plain, Norwich or Mr. Isaac Davey, Caister.
Norfolk Chronicle - 10th September 1842

Tithe Award 1843
Owner: William Davy
Occupier: do

No. 80

Mill & yard


To be let with immediate possession.
A Capital TOWER WINDMILL driving two pairs of stones, with patent sails, also Dwelling House, Stables & Granary, all in excellent repair situated at Caister, within two miles of Yarmouth, in which an extensive wholesale & retail trade has for many years being carried on.

Apply to Richard Ferrier, White Horse Plain, North Entrance, Great Yarmouth.
Norfolk Chronicle - 25th October 1856

To be Let
WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, a TOWER WINDMILL with patent sails, two pairs of Stones & all going gears complete, with house & other buildings, situated at Caister near Great Yarmouth.
Inquire of Mr. John Wincott, Prospect Place, North End, Great Yarmouth.

Norfolk News - 9th January & 23rd October 1858

To Millers & Bakers
A good desirable trade situation To be Let at Midsummer next
A Brick Tower Corn Mill with patent sails, self-winding, suitable storage, Dwelling house, Gardens, newly erected Bake office … situate in Caister about two miles only from … Great Yarmouth.
For Rent & Particulars apply to John Clowes, Solr. Regent Street, Great Yarmouth.

Yarmouth Independent - 6th July 1861

Capital Brick Tower Windmill, dwelling house, Bake office, gardens etc. All Freehold with early possession.
Clowes & Flowerdew are favoured with instructions from the Mortgagees under trust for Sale to Sell by Auction at the White Horse Inn, Great Yarmouth on Wednesday 3 September 1862 the above excellent PROPERTY.
Apply to Mr. Clowes, Solr. Great Yarmouth or at the Auctioneers’ offices Bank Chambers, Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle & Norfolk News - 16th, 23rd & 30th August 1862

Caister next Great Yarmouth
To be Sold by Auction by Messrs. Clowes & Flowerdew (under instructions from the Mortgagee) at the White Horse Inn, Great Yarmouth on Wednesday September 3, 1862 at 3 for 4 o’c in one lot
All that capital Brick Tower Wind Mill exceedingly well situated near the beach in the best part of the Village of Caister.
Mill has two pairs of Stones, Patent Sails, is fitted with Flour Mill, Jumper & all other requisite machinery. Also adjoining a newly built Bake office, Stables, Warehouse, Cart shed, Pig sties & other requisite sheds & buildings. Also a comfortable Dwelling House etc. the whole standing in the Mill Yard, walled-in garden of nearly half an acre.
Apply to John Clowes, Solr. Great Yarmouth
Yarmouth Independent - 23rd August 1862

To Millers & Bakers
A good opening for doing a thriving trade at Caister next Great Yarmouth.
To be Sold by Private Contract (by order of the Mortgagees)
A capital Freehold brick tower windmill, convenient Dwelling house etc.
If not forthwith sold, same will be let at & from Michaelmas next.

Apply to Mr. Clowes, Solr. Great Yarmouth.
Yarmouth Independent - 13th September 1862

Caister near Yarmouth
To be Let at Michaelmas next.
A Brick Tower self-winding CORN MILL with vane sails, working two pairs of Stones, Miller’s house, Baking office, Warehouse, Stable, Hay house, Cart shed, Piggeries, Gardens & other conveniences.
The above can be hired with or without a Farm house & Premises next the Mill with 14 acres of Land. Rent of Mill & Baking office £45. Farm £42. with guarantee required for rent.

Apply to Mr. Clowes, Solr. Great Yarmouth.
Norfolk Chronicle & Norfolk News - 22nd & 29th July, 5th August, 21st October & 18th Nov. 1871

Caister near Yarmouth
To be Let at Michaelmas next
Brick tower self-winding Corn Mill & all sails, two pairs of Stones, Miller’s house, bake offices, warehouse, stable, hay houses, cart shed, piggeries, gardens & other conveniences
Above can be hired with or without Farmhouse & premises next mill with 14 acres of land. Rent of Mill & bake office £45, Farm £42 with guarantee required for rent.

Apply to Mr. Clowes, Solr. Great Yarmouth.
Yarmouth Independent - 22nd July 1871

To Millers
To be Let for a term of years or otherwise with immediate occupation
Caister Mill with cottage, stowage & bake office attached, situate within three miles of Great Yarmouth.

Particulars of Mr. Clowes, Solr. Great Yarmouth.
Yarmouth Independent - 10th February 1872

Caister next Great Yarmouth
Brick Tower Windmill, Dwelling house, Garden, Bake office, stable, Warehouse & Land
Clowes & Nash are favoured with instructions to Sell by Auction on Wednesday 26 August 1885 at the Star Hotel, Great Yarmouth at 3 for 4 o’c

Particulars at the Auctioneers’ Offices, Bank Chambers, Norwich or of the Vendor’s Solicitors, Messrs. Clowes & Chamberlin, 13 Queen Street, Great Yarmouth.
Norfolk Chronicle - 15th August 1885

Beach Road, Caister
By order of the Mortgagees
Sale of Windmill & surrounding buildings comprising Hay-house, Stable, Granary, Cart shed, Carpenter’s shop, Hen house, Bake office & Dwelling house.
The Mill is 42 ft. high, in good working order fitted with usual machinery & two pairs of stones for barley & wheat, flour hopper, same for wheat etc.
House has four rooms & wash-house detached with pump of good spring water. Mill & premises stand in about a quarter of an acre of ground, is walled with exception of east side which is fenced.

Particulars of Mr. Clowes, Solr. Great Yarmouth.
Yarmouth Independent - 7th March 1891

To be Sold or Let
The Windmill, Dwelling house & surrounding Buildings situate on Beach Road standing in a quarter of an acre of ground
Above will be sold with immediate possession & goodwill; tenant retiring from business will introduce to present customers & part of purchase money may remain on mortgage.

For rent etc. apply to Horatio Fenner, Auctioneer etc. 12 Regent Street, Great Yarmouth.
Yarmouth Independent - 25th April 1891

Map of unknown date
Map of unknown date

O.S. Map 1902
O.S. Map 1902
Image produced from the service with permission of Landmark Information Group Ltd.
and Ordnance Survey

In 1970, the mill foundations lay partly below the garden of No. 115, Beach Road and part of the yard of No. 1, Old Mill Road.

O. S. Map 1884
O. S. Map 1884
Courtesy of NLS map images

Unallocated millers in Caister:

1836: Henry Emes & Co
1839-40: Edwar Loddy
1839-40: Samuel Carston

1845-46, 1850, 1853-54: John Wincott
1853-54: George Beck
1854: Robert Rushmer
1850: Anthony Cole
1853-54, 1858: William Cole
1864-65: Thomas Dawson Warnes

c.1818: Mill built

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

Pigot's 1830: William Davy, miller, Caistor

Monday 13th April 1835: Mill sold at auction

White's 1836: William Davey, corn miller

Census 1841:

Richard Stannard (30) miller
Amelia Stannard (25) not born Nfk.
Harriet Stannard (5)
Martha Stannard (2)
Richard Stannard (1 mnth)
Edward Moore (15) apprentice miller
Alfred Pells (15) apprentice miller.

September 1842: Mill advertised for let or sale with recently fitted patent sails

Tithe Award 1843: William Davey

White's 1845: Richard Stannard

c.1849: Richard Stannard died

White's 1854: William Cole, corn miller

October 1856: Mill advertised to be let

January & October 1858: Mill advertised to be let

July 1861: Mill advertised to be let

August 1862: Mill advertised to be sold by auction on Wednesday 3rd September

13th September 1862: Mill advertised to be let

Whites 1864: Thomas Dawson Warnes, miller

July, August & October 1871: Mill advertised to be let at a rent of £45 per annum for the mill & bake office

February 1872: Mill advertised to be let

Kelly's 1879: William Hubbard, miller

White's 1883: William Hubbard, corn miller

O.S. map 1884: Windmill

August 1885: Mill advertised to be sold by auction

March 1891: Mill advertised for sale

April 1891: Mill advertised for sale or let

c.1891: Mill ceased working

c.1900: Sails removed

1902: Mill and land sold to Jack Chase

1902: Mill demolished to make way for a row of cottages - bricks used to build Nos. 114-120, Beach Road

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