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Caister south postmill had one pair of French burr stones and a flour mill.

To Millers.
A POST WINDMILL in full Trade situate on CAISTER DENES, with a Pair of French Stones and a Flour Mill and also the piece of Land containing about one Rood whereon it stands.
The Mill has lately been erected and of course will not call for much Repair for some time.
N.B. She will be sold on very reasonable Terms by applying to William Taylor, Esq., in Yarmouth.
Norfolk Chronicle - 8th March 1788

Tithe Award 1843
Owner: Thomas Blyth
Occupier: William Blyth

No. 494 Mill, buildings, yard & pasture

To be let, with immediate possession, a Windmill, Dwelling-House and Two acres of Land, conveniently situated for trade at Caister, next Yarmouth.
Apply to Mr. Thomas Blyth, Caister.
Norfolk Chronicle - 13th January 1855

A Norfolk Archaeology manuscript mentioned the name of T. Blyth as being a one time miller and the same document also states that the mill was rebuilt as a drainage mill, although due to the postmill design, this would appear unlikely. Caister was originally spelt Caistor.

March 1788: Mill advertised for sale

Faden's map 1797: Windmill

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

Pigot's 1830: Thomas Blyth, miller, Caistor

White's 1836: William Blyth, miller

Census 1841:

William Blyth (35) miller
Charlotte Blyth (35)

William Blyth (12); Thomas Blyth (11); John Blyth (10); Charlotte Blyth (8); Joseph Blyth (6) Isaac Blyth (5); Hannah Blyth (3)

Tithe Award 1843: Owner: Thomas Blyth; Occupier: William Blyth

1844: William Blyth, jury member during the trial of Samuel Yarham for the murder of Harriet Candler in 1844

White's 1845: William Blyth, miller

Census 1851:

William Blyth (45) b.Caistor, miller
Charlotte Blyth (44) (schooless)

John Blyth (20) b.Caistor, shoemaker
Joseph Blyth (17) b.Caistor, bricklayer labourer
Isaac Blyth (14) b.Caistor, farm labourer
Hannah Blyth (13) scholar

1855: Mill advertised to be let

1970: Site belonging to Peers -
Grassmere Caravan Park

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