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Castle Acre Newton Road postmill had a 2 storey roundhouse and 2 pairs of sails that drove 2 pairs of 4ft French burr stones, a flour mill, jumper and a smut mill. The mill was built with common sails but these were replaced by patent sails in 1824.

Wanted Immediately
A Journeyman Miller, one who well understands his business and can come well recommended; a middle aged man would be preferred.
Apply personally to Mr. R. Forby of Castle Acre.

Norfolk Chronicle - 20th November 1819

To Millers & others
To be SOLD
Four Capital MILL SAILS 30 feet long, nearly new, one very good do. 27 feet long, two capital Backs 42 feet long, nearly new.
A very good spur wheel with Iron Segments 4 ft. 2ins. High, new.
Two Stone Nuts do. & four very good Sail Cloths.
Apply to R. Forby, Castle Acre.

Norfolk Chronicle - 24th November 1824

Valuable Estates at Castle Acre, Norfolk
On Thursday 30 May instant will be Sold by Auction in Lots by Mr. W. Wright
A Capital POST WINDMILL in Full Trade with several good Dwelling houses, Baking office, Shops & Land in the several occupations of Mr. Forby, Christmas Budton, John Gostlin & George Withers.
Further particulars in future papers.
The above are the property of Mr. Raven Forby who is about to retire from Business in consequence of ill health.
Apply to Mr. Forby on the Premises, to Messrs. Jarvis of Lynn or to Mr. Wright, Auctioneer, Swaffham.

Norfolk Chronicle - 4th May 1839

Valuable Estates at Castle Acre near Swaffham.
To be Sold by Auction by W. Wright at the Sign of the Ostrich in Castleacre on Thursday 30 May 1839 at 3 o’c
Lot 3. A very superior POST WINDMILL standing on an eminence with Patent Sails, cast iron windshaft, two pair of 4 ft. French Stones, flour mill, jumper, smut mill, etc., extensive bricked Roundhouse with two floors capable of containing 20 lasts of wheat, the whole of which is substantially built & now in excellent repair & a considerable Trade has been carried on by Mr. Raven Forby, the owner, who intends to retire from Business on account of ill health.
Also a capital new built brick Dwelling house near the Mill with slated roof & Yards & Garden, also Waggon & Cart Lodges & other requisite Outbuildings, & 2 acres of superior Arable Land adjoining. This Lot is bounded by Lands of the Earl of Leicester on the east, west & north parts & is in the occupation of Mr. Forby.
Possession of the Mill & the Buildings attached may be had at Midsummer next if required.
Part of the Purchase Money for Lots 3 & 4 may remain on Mortgage if required.
Apply to Mr. Forby at Castleacre, Messrs. Jarvis, Solrs. Lynn or Mr. Wright, the Auctioneer at Swaffham.

Norfolk Chronicle - 18th & 25th May 1839

A similar advert to the one above appeared in the Norfolk Chronicle on 20th & 27 July 1839 offering the mill for sale by private contract.

... same day at Castle Acre in the 51st year of his age from injuries recieved by a fall from the windmill Robert Goat universally respected & deeply regretted by his relatives and the family by whom he had been employed as a journeyman miller for the last 20 years He was an honest obliging and faithful servant
Norwich Mercury - 9th November 1839

To Journeymen Millers
A Sober Active Middle aged MAN, who well understands his Business in all its parts.
Apply to Mr. Forby, if by letter (post paid)
To save trouble, no very young or inexperienced person nor anyone whose character will not bear the strictest inquiry need apply.

Norfolk Chronicle - 23rd November 1839

Tithe Award map 1839
Tithe Award map 1839 as redrawn by Harry Apling

Tithe Award 1840
Map - Pratt & Son, Norwich, 1839
Owner: Raven Forby
Occupier: do

No. 176 House, Mill & Pightle Arable 1a. 0r. 21p.
part of 4a. 0r. 24p. 7s. Vicar
17s. 6d. Impr.

Raven Forby advertised the mill for sale in 1839, on the grounds of ill health but it would appear that he carried on for at least another 7 years. He owned several properties and also advertised them for sale at the same time and they included houses, a bake office, shops and land.

To Millers & Millwrights
To be Sold cheap
Four very good PATENT SAILS, Vanes, Types and everything belonging thereto.
Apply to R. Forby, Castle Acre or James Keys, Massingham.

Norfolk Chronicle & Norwich Gazette - 31st May 1845

Castle Acre
Sale by Mr. Trundle Monday 9 October 1848 of Farming Stock and Mill utensils etc. of the late Raven Forby, decd. Miller & merchant.

Norfolk Chronicle & Norwich Gazette - 7th October 1848

To Parents & Guardians
Mr. G. P. Kindred, Miller, Castleacre has a vacancy for an indoor APPRENTICE.
Apply to Mr. K. Miller, Castleacre, Norfolk.
Norfolk News - 3rd March 1860

Castle Acre near Swaffham, Norfolk
To Millers & others
To be Sold by Auction by Messrs. Cruso & Hawkins
At the Ostrich Inn, Castle Acre, on Friday 2 October 1874 at 3 o’c in the afternoon precisely, all that capital post
Standing on an eminence, with patent sails, cast iron wind shaft, working two pairs of French Stones, flour mill, jumper, smut mill etc. with extensive brick ROUNDHOUSE in two floors capable of storing 20 lasts of corn, substantially built and in good repair. Also an excellent DWELLING HOUSE near with slated roof, together with yards and garden, wagon and cart lodges and other requisite outbuildings and 2 acres (more or less) of superior ARABLE LAND adjoining, bounded by the lands of the Earl of Leicester on the east, west & north & now in the occupation of Mr. Richard CURTIS. Immediate Possession may be had.
The Estate is copyhold of the Manor of Priors & Arundels in Castle Acre.
Apply to the Auctioneers, Kings Lynn & Downham Market or at my office.
L. W. Jarvis, Solr.
Kings Lynn, 11 September 1874.
Lynn Advertiser - 19th & 26th September 1874 & Norfolk News - 19th September 1874

Castleacre Mill, Brandon.
W. Palmer
Begs respectfully to inform the inhabitants of Castleacre & its neighbourhood that he has taken the Mill lately occupied by Mr. R. Curtis & hopes by Strict Attention to all Orders to merit a Share of their Patronage & Support.
N.B. Flour, Barley Meal, Randan & Bran
Grist Grinding promptly attended to.
Lynn Advertiser - 31st October 1874

To Millers
Wanted immediately, a man to work a Wind Mill and to out with a cart occasionally. Good character required.
Apply to Mr. W. Palmer, Castleacre Mill, Brandon.
Lynn Advertiser - 12th December 1874

To Journeymen Millers
Wanted immediately, a man to work a Wind Mill.
Apply to Mr. Palmer, Castleacre Mill, Brandon.
Lynn Advertiser - 6th & 13th February 1875

To Wind Millers
Wanted immediately, a well qualified man for the above business.
Married man preferred. Character required.
Apply to W. Palmer, Castleacre Mill, Brandon.
Lynn Advertiser - 9th & 16th October 1875

Castleacre near Swaffham
To Millers & others
To be Let and entered upon at Michaelmas next, all that capital Post Windmill with patent sails, cast iron wind shaft, working two pairs of French stones, flour mill, jumper, smut mill etc. etc. with extensive Brick Roundhouse in two floors capable of storing 20 lasts of corn. Also an Excellent Dwelling House near with yards, garden, wagon & cart lodges and other requisite outbuildings & two acres, more or less, of Arable land adjoining, now in the occupation of Mr. Walter Palmer.
Apply to L. W. Jarvis, Solr.
Kings Lynn.
15 September 1876
Lynn Advertiser - 16th September 1876

At Castleacre to Let, with convenient Dwelling house, stable, cart shed and piggeries and 2 acres of Arable Land.
Possession at Michaelmas next.
Apply to Mrs. S. Taylor, Baker, Castleacre.
Lynn Advertiser - 28th July 1877

To Millwrights, Millers, Builders, Farmers and others
Robert Heyhoe
Is favoured with instructions to Sell by Auction on Thursday November 24, 1881 all the capital
Lately taken down & lying in convenient lots near the road leading from Castleacre to Newton, consisting of two pairs of capital 4 ft. French Millstones, iron & oak shafts, stone nuts, oak, chestnut & deal beams, planks, rails & boards, a large quantity of firewood, quantity of iron bolts, nuts, wrought & cast iron, anchors, holdfasts, quantity of useful bricks, wood & other building materials & other effects.
Sale to commence at 12 o’c precisely.
Lynn Advertiser - 19th November 1881

Mill House marked on the map below belonged to Newton Road mill and was not part of the Sandy_Lane_mill property to the east. Newton Road postmill stood in the space just to the north of the Mill House.

O. S. Map 1883
O. S. Map 1883
Courtesy of NLS map images

1814: Mill built

1819: Raven Forby, miller

November 1824: Common sails and other parts advertised for sale as the mill had been fitted with patent sails

Bryant's map 1826: Mill

Pigot's 1830: Raven Forby, miller, baker & flour dealer, Castle Acre

White's 1836: Raven Forby. miller

May 1839: Mill advertised for sale by auction

July 1839: Mill advertised for sale by private contract

November 1839: Robert Goat, journeyman miller, died after falling from the mill

Tothe Award 1840: Raven Forby, owner & occupier

May 1845: 2 pairs of patent sails advertised for sale

White's 1846: Raven Forby, miller & baker

1848: Raven Forby died

1850: George Taylor, miller

1853: Robert Taylor, miller

White's 1854: Robert Taylor, miller & baker

1860: G. P. Kindred, miller

1863: Mrs. Susan Taylor, miller & baker

1863: George Taylor, miller & baker

White's 1864: George Taylor, miller & blacksmith
Susan Taylor, baker
Thomas Taylor, baker

John Hudson, miller

1872: Richard Curtis, miller & merchant

1874: Richard Curtis, miller

September 1874: Milll advertised for sale by auction

1874: Walter Palmer, miller & corn merchant

1876: Walter Palmer, miller

July 1877: Mill advertised to be let by Mrs. Susan Taylor, owner

Kelly's 1879: John Mason, miller & carier

1881: Mill dismantled and parts sold at auction

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