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Caston post mill was being run by James & William Smith in 1834, when they ran into financial difficulties and were forced to make Deed of Assignment for the benefit of their creditors. John Wyer then took the mill over and was miller and baker until he died in 1838.

James & William Smith, millers & bakers, were running the mill in 1834 along with Hardingham_postmill, Hardingham_watermill, Rockland_St_Andrew_postmill and Caston_postmill, when they got into financial difficulties and were forced to assigne their personal estates and effects to their creditors. John Wyer then took the mill over and was miller and baker until he died in 1838.

Notice is hereby given that James Smith and William Smith, of Hardingham, Rockland_All_Saints and Caston, in the county of Norfolk, Millers and Bakers, have by Indenture dated 25 Feb. inst. assigned all their Personal Estate and Effects to Trustees for the equal benefit of their creditors.
Norfolk Chronicle - 1st March 1834


To be LET. For a term of years, with immediate possession. A WINDMILL, GRANARY and PREMISES at Caston, in Norfolk, with or without six Acres of Land adjoining. Caston is within a short distance of the Market Town of Watton and is in good Corn Country.
The Mill is well situated for business, Mr. John Wyer, the late Proprietor having carried on a good trade therein. Apply to Mr. Massey, Solicitor, Watton, Norfolk. Letters to be post paid.

Notice to debtors.
All persons standing indebted to the late Mr. John Wyer, or to his executors since his decease, are requested forthwith to pay the amount of their respective Debts to Mrs. Hannah Wyer, the Widow and Executrix of the will of the said John Wyer.

Norfolk Chronicle - 17th November 1838

Tithe Award 20th April 1847 (In church chest)
Enclosure Nos. 60 & 61, Robert Barker


Field Barn.
Windmill & granary.


5a. 3r. 10p.


£1. 19. 6
10. 6
£2. 10. 0

There is a possibility that James Arbon Rose ran the mill in the early 1950s - his daughter Esther's birth certificate lists him as miller of Caston. 1850: William Rose was running Ovington_old_postmill in 1850 and James Arbon Rose had taken over by 1853.

After John Wyer's death, his widow Hannah Wyer, leased the mill to Robert Barker for 15 years. At the end of the lease, Robert Barker moved to nearby Ovington postmill and the business was taken over by Hannah's son Edward Wyer. Edward Wyer eventually demolished the postmill to make way for the towermill that he built in 1864. Frederick Wyer was also a journeyman miller at one period.

I descend right down the tree from the brother of Thomas Wyer born 1764 Carbrooke (several generations back from John and Edward the millers).
Michael Wyer born 1763 of Watton had a son Michael born 1821 who left the family and moved to London, marrying Mary Ann Williams in 1846. They moved to Birmingham for a while afterwards, having several children and then Michael disappeared. Mary and her family moved to Birkenhead, Cheshire in the 1860’s and she remarried twice after.
After 20 years of research I finally found a newspaper article stating that Michael Wyer died of yellow fever in Cuba, whilst working abroad for his employer.

Sue Rylands - 4th February 2020

Greenwood's map 1834: Mill

1834: James & William Smith, millers & bakers at Hardingham and Rockland St Andrew postmill

25th February 1834: James & William Smith made a Deed of Assignment for the benefit of their creditors

1836: John Wyer (b.1798) miller & baker, owned 6 acres adjoining the mill

White's 1836: Miller & baker

April 1838: John Wyer died aged 36 leaving a widow, Hannah Wyer, who later died in 1905 at Watton

Index of Wills 1838: John Wyer, miller

November 1838: Mill advertised to be let

Census 1841: Hannah Wyer (35) farmer
Edward Wyer (15) miller
Susanna Williams (20)
Robert Barker (25) miller
Jemima Barker (30) 

White's 1845: Robert Barker, corn miller

Tithe Award 1847: Robert Barker, miller with a 15 year lease

Census 1851: Robert Barker (24) b. Laxfield, Suffolk, miller & farmer of 9 acres
Jane Barker, wife
John Brown, b.Rockland (16) mill servant

1853: Robert Barker left to take over Ovington Mill a few miles away

1853: Edward Wyer (son of John Wyer) took over the mill

White's 1854: Edward Wyer, corn miller & baker

White's 1864: Edward Wyer, corn miller

1864: Mill demolished to make way for a new towermill and almost certainly moved to Old Buckenham

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