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Cley postmill was an open trestle mill that stood on Mill Hill.

The mill was depicted in an Eastern Daily Press advert for Mandell's Gallery, Norwich on 27th October 1978. The advert contained a print of Coastal Scene by the Norwich School artist Henry Bright (1810-1873)

The Hill is now known as Well Hill because of a well at its foot. This is no doubt, the well for Mill Cottage long since demolished.
Alec Stangroom, Cley - 15th July 1981

Tithe map 1841 - as redrawn by Harry Apling
Tithe map 1841 - as redrawn by Harry Apling

Tithe Award 1841
Map 1841
Owners: Executors of George Legge
Occupier: William Temple

No. 225
No. 226
No. 227

Little Mill Hill
Mill Hill


4a. 3r. 10p.
0a. 3r. 32p.
5a. 3r. 23p.
parts of 102a. 1r. 11p.

Tithe £23. 15s

c.1800: Charles Coleby: miller & corn merchant

Tithe Award 1841: Owner: Executors of George Legge; Occupier: William Temple

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