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Cromer Mill Road postmill was an open trestle millthat was built c.1765. The O.S. map of 1888 shows the road name as Mill Lane. The mill was close to the site later occupied by the Great Eastern railway station, Cromer High.

To be Sold & Enter'd upon immediately.
A New built HOUSE, Brick & Stone ... & 8 Acres of Arable land thereto belonging, whereof 7 Acres are Freeholf & One Acre Copyhold, Fine certain, situate & lying in Cromer in the county of Norfolk. N.B. There is a high Hill upon the Premises, very convenient to fix a Mill upon & on which a Mill formerly stood; but the Owner being infirm declined that Business.
Enquire of Mr. Marshall the Owner at the said House.

Norwich Mercury - 26th June 1760

Messuage copyhold of Manor of Overstrand surrendered by Robert Sillis to Ann Howse in 1721.
After further transactions surrendered by John Goate to Philip Tery in 1763.
Philip Tery mortgaged the messuage and a windmill to Edmund Creamer
and John Flaxman in 1765.
Tery defaulted on his mortgage and Edmund Creamer appointed attorneys to sell off lands and chattels in 1774.
Messuage sold to Sherman Cutler in 1784.
... inventory of mill fittings ...

Ketton-Cremer Records,Norfolk Record Office

Sherman (Sarman) Cutler, builder of Cromer & Runton and the granite boulder at West Runton dated by him 1770.
New hospital in Mill Road
1810 drawings: Cromer Mill & Cottage at Cromer showing old mill in Mill Road

Savin's History of Cromer - Alfred Collison Savin 1937

Tithe 1385: £0 13s 4d

Ogilby's map 1675: Mill

1721: Robert Sillis surrendered messuage to Ann Howse

1763: John Goate
surrendered messuage to Philip Terry

c.1765: Mill rebuilt

1765: Philip Terry mortgaged the messuage and a windmill to Edmund Cremer and James Flaxman

1774: Philip Terry defaulted on mortgage and Edmund Cremer appointed attorneys to sell mill and land

1784: Mill and messuage sold to Sherman Cutler

Poor Rate 1799: Capt. Ransom, mill, house & baking office, £12

1810: Drawings showing old mill in Mill Road

1822: William Bartrum, baker

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