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Diss Heywood towermill stood on the east side of Heywood Road, to the rear of the Mill House.

James Long's Assignment
Creditors of James Long late of Diss, Miller ...
Deed of Assignment ...

Norfolk Chronicle - 19th October 1816

Probably the most isolated example of them all stood in the Heywood, near what is now Holly Farm, and in a field behind the cottage formerly known as Mill House. On the 1830 parish map (Lyus, Burne and Lyus) it is marked as a tower-mill in the occupation of one Stimpson Ellis, while it also occurs on Bryant's Norfolk 1826. The tithe award of 1840 confirms it as a tower-mill, with yard, while the miller Stimpson Ellis occupied house, yards and premises at Holly Farm Corner. It apparently continued in the same family, since the last recorded owner was Mrs. Sarah Ellis in 1875. Some years ago the remains of the brickwork were cleared from the site, which is now very difficult to trace.
Diss Antiquarian Society News Sheet - Spring 1973

It was run by the Ellis family of Holly Farm until about 1875, when Mr. John Brooke, whose father had the post-mill at Gissing, married into the family and moved into Holly Farm. He ran the mill for Mrs. Sarah Ellis for several years until it finished work, & continued to farm there afterwards.
Diss Antiquarian Society News Sheet - Autumn 1973

Diss Parish Records
Made 26 September at 1s. in the pound
No. 643

No. 644

No. 645
House & Lands 29a Heywood
Assessed at
Rate at 1s.

Assessed at

Assessed at
Ellis Stimpson

£22. 10s.
£1. 2. 6

£3. 10s.
3. 6

Total £1. 11. -

Tithe map 1838
Tithe map 1838 - as redrawn by Harry Apling

Tithe Award 1837
Map 1838
Owner: Stimpson Ellis
Occupier: do

No. 133b Yard & Mill Pasture
0a. 1r. 0p.
Part of £9. 14/-

Diss Parish Records
Made 10 May 1845 at 19d. in the pound
No. 750

No. 751
Land & Buildings, 21a. 2r. 26p.
Gross Estimated Rental
Rateable Value
Rate at 1s. 7d.

House & Mill
Rateable Value
Rate at 1s. 7d.
Stimpson Ellis
£27 12s. 6
£2. 3. 9

Stimpson Ellis

£9. 10s.
15. 0½d.

Diss Parish Records
Made 24 November 1864 at 9d. in the pound
No. 894

No. 895

No. 896
House & Premises, 1a. 2r. 5p.
Gross Estimated Rental
Rental Value
Rate at 9d.

Land 29a. 3r. 21p.
Gross extimated Rental
Rateable Value
Rate at 9d. in the pound

Windmill & Yard 0a. 1r. 0p.
Gross extimated Rental
Rateable Value
Rate at 9d. in the pound
Stimpson Ellis
5. 3d.

£32. 10s
£1. 3. 3d.

3. 9d.

Situations Vacant
To Journeymen Millers
Wanted immediately, a Married Man aged about 50 to manage a Small Mill (retail trade) & grist work
Apply to Mr. Stimpson Elliss, Heywood, Diss

Norfolk News - 6th June 1857

Situations Vacant
To Millers
Wanted immediately, a Man to Board & Lodge in the House, age 40 to 50. Little or no night work. Retail Flour & Grist work.
Apply to Stimpson Ellis, Diss Heywood, Norfolk.

Norfolk News - 18th March 1865


To be Sold by Auction By

George Durrant at the Kings Head Inn, Diss, on Friday 29 September, 1876 at 4 for 5 o’c.

Lot 1. A very desirable SMALL FARM … 28a.3r.38p. at Diss Heywood, well situate by the side of the road leading from Diss to Tibenham.

Lot 2. A TOWER WINDMILL with the Going Gears & Machinery therein & Yard & Ground containing one rood adjoining Lot 1.

Lot 3. A Piece of Arable LAND 2a.1r.22p. situate by the side of the said road opposite Lot. 1.

The above are in the occupation of Mrs. Elizabeth Ellis & possession will be given at Old Michaelmas next.

Further particulars of Messrs. Motson & Furness, Solrs. Long Stratton, Mr. G.F, Browne, Solr. Diss or of the Auctioneer, Redenhall Grange, Harleston.

Norfolk Chronicle - 16th & 23rd September 1876

October 1816: James Long, miller, assigned his goods for the benefit of his creditors

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

1830: Stimpson Ellis, miller

Greenwood's map 1834: Windmill

White's 1836: Richard Stimson

Poor Rate 1836: Stimpson Ellis, miller

Tithe Award 1837: Stimpson Ellis, miller

Tithe Award 1840: Holly Farm Corner, tower mill, house, yards and premises; Stimpson Ellis, miller & farmer

White's 1845: Stimpson Ellis, miller

Poor Rate 1845: Stimpson Ellis, miller

Census 1851:

Stimpson Ellis (60) b.Winfarthing, farmer of 70 acres (4 labrs 3 boys) & miller with 1 labr
Elizabeth Ellis (46) b.Shelfhanger
Susan Ellis (23) b.Diss
Mary Ann Ellis (20) b.Diss
Harriett Ellis (15) b.Diss, scholar
Robert Ellis (10) b.Diss, scholar
Salina Ellis (7) b.Diss, scholar
Albert Ellis (3) b.Diss, scholar
John Jolley (37) b.Winfarthing, agricultural labourer (servant)
Address: Heywood

Elijah Yeomans (30) b.Attleboro, miller's labourer
Sarah Yeomans (35) b.Bunwell
Robert B. Elijah Yeomans (8) b.Carlton
Elijah Yeomans (5) b.Carlton
Mary Yeomans (4) b.Attleboro
Address: Heywood

White's 1854: Stimpson Ellis, miller

1857: Stimpson Ellis, miller

Poor Rate 1864: Stimpson Ellis, miller

1865: Stimpson Ellis, miller

c.1875: Stimpson Ellis, miller, died

1876: Sarah Ellis, owner; Elizabeth Ellis, miller

September 1876: Mill advertised for sale by auction

c.1876: John Brooke, miller (also of Gissing postmill) - running mill on behalf of Sarah Ellis

c.1880: Mill demolished

1971: Mrs. Florence Last, Hill House (name changed from Mill House)

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