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Diss Stuston Road postmill stood on the corner of Victoria Road and Stuston Road on what was then Stuston Common. The mill buck stood over a brick and tiled roundhouse.

By his will of 1705, Thomas Sands, miller, bequeathed the post mill & property to his son John, & the latter, by will of 25 April 1765, passed everything to his son John, who eventually gave it to his son Thomas.
Diss Antiquarian Society News Sheet - Autumn 1974


Norwich Consistory Court
Will dated 25 April 1765
Proved 5 June 1765

Son, John Sands
William Ling, Mendlesham, Miller

To Son John Sands of Diss, Miller
All & singular my Estates both Real & Personal (subject to Legacies)

Royal Exchange Fire Insurance Policy No. 75486
21 April 1779: John Sands of Diss in the County of Norfolk, Miller. On a Millhouse and Woodhouse adjoining timber built and tiled and thatched situate on Diss Common £40. On a Post Windmill and Roundhouse under brick and timber built near £190. Utensils £150. Renewed from 52211.

To be Sold, and entered upon immediately, or at Lady-day next, a convenient Baking-office, well situated for Trade,with a good Yard and convenient Out-buildings, in good Repair, all Freehold, situate in Diss, a very good Market Town; and also a Post Windmill, with two Pair of Stones, in excellent Repair, well situate within a small Distance of the Town, and if required by the Purchaser of the Mill, may have a House at a small Distance, with two Pieces of Land, containing three Acres, at a fair Rent, for a Term of Years.  
For Particulars enquire of Thomas FULCHER, at Diss.  

Norfolk Chronicle - 25th January 1783

T. Sands
Signatory to Notice re Increase for Grist Grinding.

Norfolk Chronicle - 24th November 1792

Royal Exchange Fire Insurance Policy No. 169343
23 Sept. 1799: Jno. Sands of Diss in the Co. of Norfolk. Miller. On Wind Millhouse timber built £80. On the standing and going geers therein £40. On stock in trade £30. Situate in Diss aforesaid. Warranted no steam engine.

A very sharp tempest July 31st 1834. Diss Mill shattered. The lightning struck a windmill a few yards on the Norfolk side of the river in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Jay and which had but a short time since been rebuilt. The sails were torn off and much other damage done.
Diary of Thomas King of Thelnetham - 1804-38

The mill remained in the Sands family for many years until in 1834 it was badly damaged in a gale, described by the Norfolk Chronicle of Saturday, Aug. 9 1834.
Diss Antiquarian Society News Letter - Autumn 1973

In 1834 the mill was owned by the Sands family and let to Thomas Jay, who it would appear sub let it to Jonathan Leathers who was working in the mill at the time the storm struck.on 31st July.

Diss, Aug. 7 th. Another and more severe tempest visited the town of Diss and neighbourhood on Thursday morning last, about nine a.m. the lightning was most terrific and the thunder correspondingly awful – the electric fluid struck a windmill a few yards on the Norfolk side of the county river, the property of Mr. Thos. Sands, in the occupation of Mr. Thos. Jay, and which had but a short-time since been rebuilt. The sails were torn off and much other damage done; a man of the name of Leathers, who was at work within it, was struck down, but afterwards recovered, his face was considerably scorched.
Norfolk Chronicle - Saturday 9th August 1834

The Tempest on the morning of Thursday week, between nine and ten o’clock, was more severe in the neighbourhood of Diss than any experienced of late years. A windmill belonging to Mr. Leathers was considerably damaged – Mr. Leathers himself had a providential escape, his hair being actually singed and his face blistered by the flash
Suffolk Chronicle - 16th August 1834

Diss Parish Records
Made 26 September at 1s. in the pound
No. 33

No. 34
Land, 5 acres & Tithe
Assessed at
Rental Value
Rate at 1s.

Assessed at
Rate at 1s.
Jonathan Leathers
Late Thomas Sands

£1. 5s.
£8 10s.
1s. 3d.

Jonathan Leathers
Sheldrake Smythe


The Gale. The heavy gale of Wednesday has done much damage to the mills etc. round this town. Mr. Jay's small mill on the Common, used for the purpose of dressing flour, etc., was blown off the brick foundation; it is very materially damaged, & is now lying on the ground in a shattered state.
Suffolk Chronicle - 26th November 1836

Diss Parish Records
Made 1 February 1837 at 2s. in the pound
No. 34 Occupier
Assessed at
Rate at 2s.
Jonathan Leathers
Sheldrake Smythe


Tithe Map 1838
Tithe map 1838 - as redrawn by Harry Apling

Tithe Award 1837
Map 1838
Owner: Henry Rush
Occupier: Thomas Rush

No. 1047 Mill & yard 0a. 1r. 0p. Part of 12/6d

During the hurricane on Monday morning last, the lately erected windmill of Mr. Rush, miller of this town, a person highly respectable, was blown down, by the post parting in the middle, and a large stock of wheat, flour, etc. was involved in one common ruin. The damage has been estimated at upwards of £500, though much of the wheat has been saved
Norfolk Chronicle - 12th January 1839

During the tremendous gale on Monday morning, a windmill, the property of Mr. Thomas Rush, of Diss, was blown down. The damage is estimated at nearly £600.
Suffolk Chronicle - 12th January 1839

... a tremendous hurricane all the morning from W.S.W. A windmill at Diss was blown down, and clouds of flour driven across the fields in its fall!
Orlando Whistlecraft - 1839

... Rush's Mill & as noted in the Suffolk Chronicle was blown down during the tremendous gale ... January 7th 1839 ...
The Miller - 17th November 1847

Index of Wills 1705: Thomas Sands, miller

Index of Wills 1765: John Sands, miller

Hodgkinson's map 1783: Mill

January 1783: Mill advertised for sale

Faden's map 1797: Windmill

1822: William Chapman, miller

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

1830: Thomas Sands, owner & occupier

1834: Thomas Sands, owner; Thomas Jay, occupier; Jonathan Leathers, miller

31st July 1834: Mill damaged in a gale

White's 1836: William Chapman, corn miller

Wednesday 23rd November 1836: Mill blown down in a gale, owned by Mr. Jay, also at Victoria Rd towermill

Tithe Award 1837: Owner: Henry Rush; Occupier: Thomas Rush, miller

1839: Thomas Rush, miller

Monday 7th January 1839: Mill post snapped in a heavy gale and mill blown down.
Much wheat saved but damage estimated at £500 (£33,000 in 2007)
Mill replaced by Stuston_Road_smockmill

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