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Docking Mill Lane postmill replaced the earlier_postmill on the same site in 1821. The mill used a single pair of French burr stones.

1700s map
Map drawn by G. Hagan in 1975

To Millers
Wanted Immediately
A JOURNEYMAN in the above Line; a steady middle aged Man who can come well recommended, may hear of a Situation by applying personally to Mr. Robert Hebgin, Docking, Norfolk.
Norfolk Chronicle - 15th May 1824

Very Desirable Situation for a Miller
To be SOLD by Private Contract
A POST WINDMILL with a pair of excellent French burr Stones & all going gears complete, being built new in 1821.
Enquire of Mr. Robert Hebgin, Docking, Norfolk.
Possession may be had immediately.
Norfolk Chronicle - 31st March 1827

To Millers
Wanted Immediately
A Steady Active MARRIED MAN as Journeyman in the above Business, one who can produce a satisfactory character may hear of a Situation by applying personally or by letter post paid to Mr. Hebgin, Docking, Norfolk.
Norfolk Chronicle - 5th July 1828

RICHARD BURGIS, Miller & Butcher
Returns his grateful thanks to his numerous Friends for their favours he has for so many years received at their hands & informs them that in future the above Business will be conducted by his sons RICHARD & ROBERT BURGIS for whom he respectfully solicits a continuance of their support ...
Norfolk Chronicle - 12th October 1839

Whilst staying at the Mill House in early October, I had a weird experience,I hasten to add this was not a frightening experience. I had fallen asleep in the sitting room after turning off the TV leaving only the light turned down low in the kitchen I do not know what the time was but I awoke to find an image of a young man leaning over the coffee table (no I had not been drinking either). He appeared to be in dark colours possibly overalls or an old type jacket with small collar and buttons. At first I thought it was my own son who is disabled and at the time was sleeping at the other end of the house my husband was with him but realised he was not dressed as this young man was. I then thought I must have been dreaming and closed my eyes again only to be woken by the sound of the small radio which my son has. It plays nursery rhymes. In order to make it play you have to press a large button. It was then I realised that the radio was on the table where I had seen this young man leaning over. I jumped up mainly to turn the radio off in case it disturbed my son and husband and went to check that they were in bed which they were. I would be grateful for any information maybe someone knows if there have been other sightings. I see from the website that there was a young man called William Wagg junior born 1836 and died 1856 who was miller there maybe someone could throw some light on how this young man died.
Sandra Scarr - 17th October 2008

White's of 1854 lists Thomas James Ayre of Castle_Rising_postmill as a miller. It is probable that he was the owner of a mill, although it is unclear as to which one.

1821: Mill built replacing an earlier postmill

O.S. map 1824: Windmill

1824: Robert Hebgin, miller

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

March 1827: Mill advertised for sale by private contract

1828: Robert Hebgin, miller

Pigot's 1830: Robert Hebquin, miller, Docking

Greenwood's map 1834: Windmill

White's 1836: Richard Burgis jun, miller & butcher

October 1839: Richard Burgis, miller & butcher hands business over to sons Richard & Robert Burgis

1840: Richard Burgis jun, miller

White's 1845: Richard, Robert & Edward Burgis, millers & butchers

1846: Richard, Robert & Edward Burgis, millers & butchers

1850: Richard Burgis, miller

White's 1854: Richard Burgis, miller & farmer

1858: Richard Burgis, miller

Census 1861: William Curtis, butcher
Rosa Curtis
Address: Mill House

1878: Robert Chambers, miller

Kelly's 1879: Robert Chambers, miller

White's 1883: Francis Sands, grocer's manager, (Docking Co-operative Society) corn miller & farmer

1888: Francis Sands, miller

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