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Downham Market had a postmill on the Denver Road that was blown over in a gale in 1809. However, it was presumably rebuilt, as the incumbent Poll brothers carried on milling until they both died in 1838.

The following accident happened at Downham Market on Thursday sennight:- As Mr. Poll was attending his mill with his brother, a sudden squall of wind caused it to separate, and it fell to pieces in an instant; one of them was in the upper floor in the act of putting wheat into the hopper, the other attending a different department - the stones, wheels, and about two score of wheat fell in confusion. Mr Poll had the presence of mind to leap from the upper stair (it being a post windmill) and escaped with a slight bruise of the hand - his brother was precipitated to the ground in the midst of the ruins, with upwards of twenty sacks of wheat around him, but wonderful to relate, he received not the least injury.
Sussex Weekly Advertiser - Monday 9th January 1809

1809: John & James Poll, millers

January 1809: Mill blown over in a gale

1822: John & James Poll, millers

Pigot's 1830: John & James Poll, millers, Denver road

White's 1836: John & James Poll, corn miller, Denver road

1838: John & James Poll died

Index of Wills 1838: John Poll, miller

Index of Wills 1838: James Poll, miller

1839: Susan Poll, miller

1840: Susan Poll, miller

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