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Erpingham Thwaite Common towermill stood down in the village at a much lower elevation than the Mill Farm towermill at the top of the hill. The mill ran two pairs of French stones and a flour mill.

Lease for a year [ no release here ] ie this was a conveyance 21 April 1823

1. Edward Fox miller of Erpingham

2. James Cuddon of Precinct of Norwich Cathedral gent.

Parcel of land 3 roods in Erpingham between parish of Thwaite (n) land of Robert Copeman (e) land to be sold by R Copeman to John Watts (s) and highway from Aylsham to Thwaite (w) staked out from land of Copeman on east.
And parcel of land of Edw Fox in Erpingham together with the brick tower windmill, three tenements or dwelling houses, and other erections which Edw Fox purchased of Samuel Davey.
Maggie Vaughan-Lewis - 30th December 2019

Erpingham Mill
To be Sold by Auction by Mr. C. Goulder At the Black Boys Inn, Aylsham on Tuesday 21 February 1826 at 4 o’c
(Unless sooner disposed of by Private Contract)
A Very substantial New Built Brick TOWER WINDMILL with the going gears & machinery thereto belonging, situate in Erpingham in the county of Norfolk, about three miles from Aylsham.
Also a new built Tenement & Meeting House & 2a. 3r. of Land adjoining the Mill.
All Freehold. Land tax
The Premises are now in the occupation of Mr. Edward Fox, who will shew the same. If required part of the purchase money may remain on mortgage.

Apply to Mr. Barker, Solr. St. Michael at Plea, Norwich.
Norfolk Chronicle - 11th & 18th February 1826

Erpingham Mill
To be Sold or Let
A Very Substantial new built Brick TOWER WINDMILL with the going gears & the machinery thereto belonging, situate in Erpingham in the county of Norfolk, about three miles from Aylsham, & a new built Tenement or Cottage & Meeting House & 2 acres & 3 roods of Land adjoining the Mill.
All Freehold. Land Tax 1s.

Apply personally or by letter post paid to Mr. Stocks, King Street, Norwich or Mr. Barker, Solr. Norwich & to view the premises apply to Mr. Judd, Erpingham.
Norfolk Chronicle - 15th April 1826

Erpingham near Aylsham
To be Sold by Auction by Mr. Culley at the Dog Inn, Aylsham on Tuesday 17 April 1832 at 3 o’c
Lot 1. All that capital Brick TOWER WINDMILL driving two pair of superior French Stones with flour mill, going gears & tackle in complete repair & also all those two new built Cottages or Dwelling houses with large garden to each & a large Building or Chapel occupied by the Wesleyan Methodists together with 2 acres of good meadow Land & three quarters of an acre of garden land planted with fruit trees, situate at Erpingham in Norfolk within three miles of Aylsham, six miles of North Walsham & fourteen miles of Norwich all good corn markets, & now in the several occupations of Thomas Cook, Robert Doughton & Benjamin Newstead.
All Freehold. Land Tax 6d.
… the tenant of the Mill & one Cottage & Land has had notice to quit at Michaelmas next.

Apply to Mr. Wortley, Solr. Tombland, Norwich or the Auctioneer.
Norfolk Chronicle - 31st March, 7th & 14th April 1832

Tithe Award 1840
Map, Wm. Drane, Surveyor, Norwich, 1839
Owner: Rober Pratt
Occupier: Thomas Cook

No. 107
No. 108
No. 109

House, Garden, Mill & Road

0a. 1r. 9p.
part of
2a. 1r. 11p.


Tithe map 1839
Tithe map 1839 - as redrawn by Harry Apling

1. Robert Pratt of Aylsham plumber and glazier
2. John Fish (alias Jn Crisp) of Erpingham dealer

Four messuages or tenements with yards gardens, one of which is now used as a chapel for Wesleyan Methodists and the others occupied by Barnes, Tooke and Slaughter;
And a messuage and several pieces of land on part whereof a windmill once stood but which has recently been pulled down , now in occ of Jn Fish and all which premises lie together in Erpingham, containing 2 a 3r.
Bounded by parish of Thwaite (n) lands Robert Copeman now Joseph Watts (e), highway Calthorpe to Alby and land of Joseph Watts (s), last mentioned land of Watts and highway Calthorpe to Thwaite (w).

Draft Conveyance - 7th August 1855

White's 1836: Benjamin Johnson, millwright
White's 1845: John Johnson, millwright

Kelly's 1854: John Johnson, miller & millwright

c.1820: Mill built

c.1821: Samuel Davey

1823: Edward Fox, owner and miller

21st April 1823: Edward Fox sold mill, land and three houses to James Cuddon of Norwich

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

1826: Edward Fox, miller

February 1826: Mill advertised for sale by auction

c.1826: James Cuddon sold the mill to Stocks family

O.S. map 1832: Windmill

1832: Thomas Cook, miller

April 1832: Mill advertised for sale by auction

1834: George W. Stocks sold the mill to Robert Pratt

White's 1836: Thomas Cook, corn miller

Tithe Award 1840: Owner: Robert Pratt; Occupier: Thomas Cook, miller

White's 1845: Thomas Cook, corn miller

c.1855: Mill demolished

August 1855: Robert Pratt, owner, conveyed the mill site and premises to John Fish, occupier

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