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Fakenham Heath postmill stood on The Heath to the southeast of the town.

Notice to Debtors & Creditors of
John Forster of Fakenham, Taylor & Draper
Assignment to William Green of Fakenham, Miller & Flour Merchant, & William Hall of Tattersett for benefit of Creditors ...
Norfolk Chronicle - 8th September 1821

Tithe map 1844
Tithe map 1844 - as redrawn by Harry Apling

Tithe Award 1846
Map: F. Tinkley, Surveyor, Fakenham, 1844
Owner: Joseph Fyson
Occupiers: Crockley, Hey & others
No. 264 Cottages & Garden
(A circular enclosure)

O.S. map 2007
O.S. map 2007
Image produced with permission of Ordnance Survey

When William Green died on 8th January 1841, he died intestate and letters of administration were prepared for his wife Pleasance. The Gentlemen bound and bounded to carry out this administration were Joseph Fyson and George Watson, both Gentlemen of Fakenham. Effects were shown as under £1600.0s.0d in the Consistorial court of Norwich.

However in this administration of 1841 it states:-
Whereas Pleasance Green, widow and relict of William Green, Flour Merchant, deceased, intestate hath in due form of law, reviewed the letters of Administration, goods, rights, chattels and credits of the said deceased - bounded Joseph Fyson, lawful daughter Pleasance Fyson only……..
The administration was then signed by the Vicar and by Pleasance Fyson not Pleasance Green.

Genealogical data shows the reason for the reference to daughter and hence how the watermill owned by William Green came into the Fyson family.

William Green had married Pleasance Case in Fakenham on 23rd June 1801 and he owned both the Heath postmill in Fakenham and the watermill. A Pleasance Green (daughter) had married an Edmond Heagren Gibbs in Fakenham on 4th September 1820 and then a Pleasance Heagren Gibbs married Joseph Fyson on 20th June 1837. It is understood that the daughter of William & Pleasance Green had married one Edmond Heagren Gibbs and subsequently as a widow, had married Joseph Fyson.

Hence, Pleasance Green had passed on her daughter's inheritance when the administration was done on her husband's death in 1841. And Pleasance Fyson née Gibbs, formerly Green had signed in her own married name on the letters of Administration. The mill was actually owned by her and not her husband.
Honor Jones, Canada - 9th February 2007

Index of Wills 1718: Richard Chambers, miller

1781: William Green, miller

Faden's map 1797: Windmill

1801: William Green, miller

Poll Book 1802: William Green, miller
Poll Book 1802: Henry Green, miller

1821: William Green, miller & flour merchant

White's 1836: William Green, corn miller. Also at Fakenham watermill (and Gt. Ryburgh postmill)

8th January 1841: William Green, miller & flour merchant, died intestate

Tithe Award 1846:
Owner: Joseph Fyson; Occupiers: Crockley, Hey & others

White's 1854: Robert & John Cole, corn millers, Heath

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