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Fakenham Holt Road postmill was a small mill that was built with common sails to power 2 pairs of French burr stones and a flour mill. By the time the mill was dismantled in 1866 one pair of sails had been converted to William Cubitt's patent design and it is not known if the second pair was still being used.

Millers. To be Let with Immediate Possession.
A small POST WINDMILL in Fakenham with two pair of French Stones, flour mill with all apparatus complete.
A single man with a small capital would find this an advantsageous occupation.
Apply to Mr. Joseph Readwin, Builder & Surveyor, Fakenham.

Norfolk Chronicle - 26th September, 1840

To be Sold.
A small POST WINDMILL with common sails driving two pairs of French Stones with Flour Machine, Sack Tackling etc.
The Mill has not been built more than five years.
Apply Mr. J. Readwin, builder & surveyor, Fakenham.

Norfolk Chronicle - 18th June, 1842

To be Sold by Auction by R. J. Turner on Wednesday November 29, 1866 in the Timber Yard of Messtrs. Turner & Son's Buildings, Fakenham situate on the Holt Road, a Capital POST WINDMILL in Lots.
One pair of Stones of excellent quality, new Head Wheels, two Patent Sails & other Fittings, all in good repair.
Sale to commence at 2 o'c p.m.

Norfolk News - 17th & 24th September, 1866

Tithe Award 1846
Map: F. Tinkley, Surveyor, Fakenham, 1844
Owner: George Langley
Occupier: do
No. 151 Pightle
No. 153 Cottage pightle

No mill shown

O.S. Map 2007
O.S. Map 2007
Image produced with permission of Ordnance Survey

c.1836: Mill built

O.S. map 1838: Windmill

September 1840: Mill advertised to be let

June 1842: Mill advertised to be let

Tithe Award 1844: Owner & occupier, George Langley, miller

September 1866: Mill advertised for sale in lots - dismantled

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