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Field Dalling tower mill ran two pairs of French burr stones, a flour mill & jumper. By 1863 a bake office was being run on the site and by the 1870s a steam engine was being used for auxiliary power.

To Millers & others
To be Sold by Auction by Messrs. Seppings & Wright at the Red Lion Inn, Fakenham on Thursday 11 May next at 3 o’c (Unless sooner Disposed of by Private Contract)
A Very Desirable ESTATE situate at FIELD DALLING in Norfolk comprising a substantial & newly erected BRICK TOWER WINDMILL with the two pair of Stones, Going Gears, Machinery & Apparatus upon the most improved plan thereto belonging, also a suitable Dwelling house contiguous thereto, a detached Cottage, a capital Barn, Stable, Double Cart lodge & other useful Outbuildings, walled-in Yards, productive Garden & Orchard & six Acres of thereabouts of fine Arable Land in a high state of Cultivation. The Estate is now under a Lease to a respectable Tenant whose term expires at Michaelmas 1843.
The above Premises are most advantageously situated for Trade & command a good Business. The House & Buildings are brick & tiled & in an excellent state of repair.

Apply to Mr. Sewell, Solr. Or the Auctioneers, Swaffham.
Norfolk Chronicle - 1st & 22nd April 1837

Situations Vacant
To Millers
WANTED, a Youth in the above trade who has some knowledge of & wished to improve himself therein. A steady honest active & obliging youth would find this a comfortable home with every facility afforded for his improvement.
Apply to John Tuttle, Field Dalling Mill, Holt, Norfolk.

Norfolk News - 24th October 1857

To Millers
WANTED immediately, a MAN who can be well recommended for industry, honesty & sobriety.
Apply personally or by letter to John Tuttle, Field Dalling, Holt, Norfolk.

Norfolk News - 20th August 1859

Situations Vacant
WANTED, a MILLER & BAKER. He must know the Baking business well & be well recommended as a steady, sober, honest & competent tradesman. A Methodist will be preferred.
Apply by letter to Mr. John Tuttle, Field Dalling Mill, Holt.

Norfolk News - 31st October 1863

Situations Vacant
To Journeymen Millers
WANTED, immediately, a JUNIOR HAND of good character, one who knows a little of the baking business will be preferred.
Apply by letter to Mr. John Tuttle, Field Dalling Mill near Holt, Norfolk.

Norfolk News - 25th August & 6th October 1866

Field Dalling
To Millers Bakers & others
Freehold MILL & 6 acres of Land, Dwelling House etc.
To be Sold by Auction at the Red Lion Inn, Fakenham on Thursday 21 July 1870 by Messrs. Ireland
The excellent BRICK TOWER WINDMILL driving two pairs of French Burr Stones, Flour Mill & Jumper, Steam Engine & apparatus attached for driving with Steam Power, a Well of water near to supply engine.
The above commands a good trade, stands well for wind & has been held by the present occupier nearly thirty years. (John Tuttle)
Also about SIX ACRES of superior ARABLE LAND in a high state of cultivation, Dwelling House, Bake Office, Barn, Warehouse, Stable, Cow-house, Cart lodges & Outbuildings, all Brick & Tiled & well situated for business.
Possession at Michaelmas next or earlier if necessary.

Particulars of I.B. Coakes, Esq. Solr. Norwich, Mr. William Tuttle, 19 Regent Street, Yarmouth, The Auctioneers, Messrs. Ireland & Co. Wood Dalling, Guestwick & Norwich or the present occupier.
Norfolk Chronicle & Norfolk News - 2nd, 9th & 16th July 1870

W. Baker on Tuesday September 27, 1870 at One p.m. the FARMING IMPLEMENTS, STOCK IN TRADE & Effects upon the premises of Mr. John Tuttle, who is leaving his present occupation.

Norfolk News - 24th September 1870

In 1971 John William Seppings aged 90 said that the site of the mill was at the Oddfellows Hall, next door to his property and his end wall was built onto the mill.

O.S. Map 1886
O.S. Map 1886
Courtesy of NLS map images

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

White's 1836: Edward Taylor, corn miller

April 1837: Mill advertised for sale by auction

Census 1841:

Edward Taylor (38) miller
Elenor Taylor (34)
Mary Taylor (16)
Elenor Taylor (15)
Elizabeth Taylor (10)
Esther Taylor (7)
Emma Taylor (3)
Edward Taylor (6 mths)
Barna ? Lemon (55) male servant
Mary Ram (12)
Address: East Street

White's 1845: John Tuthill, corn miller

Census 1851:

John Tuttle (34) b.Barford, corn miller & farmer 6 Acres employing 2 men
Hannah Bell Tuttle (31) b.Swanton Novers
Hannah Tuttle (4) b.Field Dalling, scholar
Shadrack Skillings (17) b.Briningham, journeyman miller
Henry Mallett (26) b.Blakeney, tailor (visitor)
Address: Mill Street

White's 1854: John Tuttle, farmer & corn miller

1857: John Tuttle, miller

White's 1864: John Tuttle, miller & baker

September 1870: Farming effects of John Tuttle advertised for sale by auction

1872: John Tuttle, miller

1875: John Arnold, miller

1878: John Arnold, miller

O.S. map 1890-1891: Old Windmill

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