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Flordon smockmill was worked in conjunction with the nearby watermill for most, if not all of its working life. The mill drove two pairs of stones.

To Farmers & Graziers
Robert Buck of Flordon Mill informs the neighbourhood that he intends appropriating his Wind Mill to the Grinding of Barley etc. for Fattening of Stock. Those Graziers who may please to send their Corn for that purpose may depend upon its being done in the best manner.
Flordon Mill, October 20, 1803.
Norfolk Chronicle - 22nd October 1803

Flordon Mills
With Immediate Possession
To be Sold by Auction By Wm. Burt On Saturday 3 May 1806 at 4 o’c At the Rose in St. Augustines, Norwich
All that valuable WATER-MILL at Flordon in Norfolk, with the Dwelling house, stables & other buildings, garden, & about 5 acres of excellent arable & meadow Land adjoining, in the occupation of Mr. Robert Buck, held under a lease for a term of which 31 years were unexpired at Christmas last, at £25 per ann.
Also a capital Tower Wind-mill standing on the above premises – the whole most desirably situate in a good wheat country.
Apply to Mr. George Watson, Saxlingham or Mr. Grand, attorney, Norwich.
Norfolk Chronicle - 26th April & 3rd May 1806

Sale by S. Lovick & Son, Friday December 3, 1819
Farming Stock, Implements & Effects of Mr. Benjamin Wilkinson of Flordon Mills.

Norfolk Chronicle - 27th November 1819

Notice to Debtors & Creditors of Benjamin Wilkinson of Flordon, Miller
Norfolk Chronicle - 4th December 1819

Benjamin Wilkinson late of Flordon, Miller
Notice to Creditors re dividend

Norfolk Chronicle - 9th September 1820

To Millers. To be LET for a Term with occupation at Michaelmas next
All that WATER_MILL & WINDMILL at FLORDON near Saxlingham, seven miles from Norwich, with a comfortable Dwelling house & upwards of 100 acres of most excellent Arable & Pasture Land, adjoining the Mill, in a high state of cultivation.
The Mills are now in the occupation of Mr. Miles Blomfield & the land was late in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Edwards.
The Mill & Farm united form one of the most eligible & desirable occupations of the size in the county of Norfolk.

Apply to Mr. John Culey of Cossey or Mr. Brightwell, Solr. Surry Street, Norwich.
Norfolk Chronicle - 23rd May & 4th June 1836

Flordon Mills To be Let with Possession at Michaelmas next.
The water_Mill, Wind Mill, Cottages & about 25 acres of capital LAND at Flordon, now occupied by Messrs. Wilson & Fielding.

Apply to Messrs. Brightwell & Son, Surry Street, Norwich.
Norfolk Chronicle - 15th June 1844

Flordon Mills
To be Sold by Auction by Glasspoole & Standley on Monday October 14, 1844

All the Live & Dead FARMING STOCK & Effects of Messrs. Wilson & Fielding who leave the Mills at Michaelmas.
Norfolk Chronicle - 21st & 28th September 1844

To Millers
To be Let with Immediate Possession
With comfortable dwelling house & Outbuildings & also from 20-100 acres of excellent land at the option of the tenant. These Mills adjoin the railroad now making from Norwich to Ipswich & are about 7 miles from Norwich.
Apply to Messrs. Brightwell & Son, Solrs. Surrey Street, Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 27th November, 4th & 11th December 1847

Flordon near Norwich
On the Great Eastern Railway
Messrs. Spelman have received instructions from the Executors of the late Thomas Brightwell Esq. To Sell by Auction on Saturday June 12, 1869 at 12 o’c for 1 o’c, at the Rampant Horse Hotel, Norwich, the following valuable Freehold & Copyhold ESTATE containing altogether 304 Acres divided into 17 Lots
Lot 1. THE WATER_MILLS with steam power, Windmill, Dwelling house, two Laborers Cottages & several inclosures of Arable & Meadow Land containing together 35a.3r.1p.…
Lots 1 … are all in the occupation of Baron Brightwell, Esq.
Possession … at Michaelmas next.
Three fourths of the Purchase Money on any of the Lots may remain on Mortgage & where over £500 at 4 per cent.
Particulars & Conditions of Sale may be had seven days prior to the Sale of Mr. Thomas Brightwell, Solicitor, Surrey Street, Norwich & of the Auctioneers, Norwich & Yarmouth.

Norfolk News - 29th May & 5th June 1869

Spelmans’ Sale, Rampant Horse Hotel, Norwich, 12 June 1869
Lot 1
Most is missing, but
p. 3
Mills, dwelling house, Cottages, stables, outbuildings & 15a.1r.25p. Freehold
The Buildings standing on Barn Piece (No. 113 on Plan) & 22a.1r.16p. Copyhold of the Manor of Flordon.
Apportioned Land Tax £2.5s.
Quit Rents 19s.6d.
Rent charge in lieu of Tithes £13.6s.
This Lot in the occupation of B. Brightwell, Esq. & his under-tenants.
The purchaser will have to pay, in addition to his purchase money, by valuation in the usual way, for all the straps, ropes & tackle, sack chains, mill bills, scales, beams & weights, fixtures in the house & other things belonging to the tenant, a schedule of which may be seen at the Auctioneers’ office.
The right is reserved to the tenant to remove a marble chimney piece, also ten shrubs in the garden belonging to him.
Other Lots …
Spelmans’ Sale Catalogue - 12th June 1869

To be Let. The following Property at Flordon
The FLORDON MILLS comprising a watermill driving three pairs of Stones & also Steam Power capable of driving three pairs of Stones and a SMOCK WINDMILL driving two pairs of Stones, with a Double Cottage let for £10.
With the Mills may be had either about 35 acres of Land adjacent or an additional quantity of 40 or 76 acres of Land with Farmhouse & Buildings.
The Mills & Land lie next the Great Eastern Railway Station & the Farm Buildings adjoin the same, offering unusual advantages to parties desirous of entering into a trading business in this populous district.
Particulars of Mr. Thomas BRIGHTWELL, Surrey Street, Norwich, Solr. or to Mr. Barron Brightwell of Flordon.
Norfolk Chronicle & Norfolk News - 24th July 1869

Messrs. Spelman Michaelmas Sales

ON WEDNESDAY October 6th, the FARMING STOCK, Mill Utensils, Furniture, China, Pictures & other Effects by order of Baron Brightwell Esq.
Norfolk News - 11th September 1869 & Lynn Advertiser - 25th September 1869

Within three minutes walk of the Railway Station~
The Machinery & Materials of a Tower Windmill taken down & arranged in convenient lots.
Francis Clowes is favoured with instructions to Sell by Auction without reserve on Thursday 30 June 1870 the above MACHINERY & MATERIALS.
Particulars at the Auctioneer's offices, Bank Chambers, Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 18th June 1870

Flordon.  Within seven miles of Norwich and five minutes walk of the Flordon Station on the Eastern Union Railway.  Mr William Drane is instructed to sell by auction on Monday, December 9th 1872 the modern Household furniture and other effects of Mr Henry Packard (under a distress for rent and bill of sale).  Catalogues may be had on the premises, and of the auctioneer Castle Meadow Norwich. The sale will commence at 11.30am punctually.
Norfolk News - 7th December 1872

I think that the Packards were at the mill only in 1871 (or late 1870 as he was in Norwich in 1870 for an election) and 1872.
Giles Colchester - 8th December 2023

My great many times uncle by marriage, Robert Claxton who died in Norwich in left his estate to 'to be equally divided between the children of my dear sister Phillipa.' His nephew, William, son of his sister Phillipa Claxton and William Wilson was born in London in 1811.
From what I can find out, William the nephew may have sold his interest in the Flordon Mills in 1844 after his uncle's death and acquired a farm (The Manor) in Scarning, where he lived until his death. The 1901 census records,show his son Walter and grandchildren, Arthur, Lucy still living near Scarning. William's other children were Bernard, Fredrick. Walter's family included his spouse Mary and children Sidney, Marion, Frederick,Arthur and Lucy. William's sister also Phillipa married William Colman who later migrated to Australia.
The notice of the sale of the mill at Flordon occurred soon after Robert Claxton's death in 1844. In the 1841 Census William Wilson age 30, Miller and his wife Elizabeth and son Bernard Wilsonm are listed in Flordon. In the 1851 Census the family is living in Scarning, all the children except Bernard are shown as being born in Scarning. William is then described as Farmer. The difficult part is to establish for sure that the family is the 'right' Wilson. i.e that William is Robert Claxton's nephew and Philippa laxton's son. The odds seem to be that they are but, there is always a 'but'! According to the IGI a Philippa Claxton married William Wilaon 3 March 1806 at St Peter Parmentgate Norwich. It then seems they moved to London where Robert Claxton, Philippa's brother and his spouseEliza Tourner lived until Eliza's death in 1824. Shortly after he is mentioned in his sister-in-law's (Anna Torner) will as living in Norwich.
Sallie Ramsay, Australia - 27th March 2010

Map 1882

O. S. 25" Map 1882
Flordon smockmill position centre left and Flordon watermill centre bottom
Courtesy of NLS map images

O.S. Map 2005
O.S. Map 2005
Image reproduced under licence from Ordnance Survey

Index of Wills 1669: John Howard, miller

Faden's map 1797: Windmill

Poll Book 1802: Robert Buck, miller

1803: Robert Buck, advertises the windmill as being turned over to the grinding of barley etc for animal feed

April 1806: Mill advertised for sale by auction with the watermill and Robert Buck as tenant miller at £25 p.a.

Poll Book 1806: Robert Gapp, miller

1819: Benjamin Wilkinson, miller

1820: Benjamin Wilkinson, miller

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

White's 1836: Miles Blomfield, corn miller

May 1836: Mill advertised for let along with the watermill

O.S.map 1838: Windmill

1844: (William) Wilson & Fielding, millers

June 1844: Mill advertised for let along with the watermill

September 1844: Farming Stock & business effects of Wilson & Fielding advertised for sale by auction

White's 1845: Barham Brightwell, corn miller

November 1847: Mill advertised for let along with the watermill

White's 1854: Barron Brightwell, corn miller & farmer

White's 1864: Barron Brightwell, corn miller & farmer

1869: Barham (Barron) Brightwell, miller

May 1869: Mill advertised for sale by auction along with the watermill

July 1869: Mill advertised for let along with the watermill

September 1869: Farming stock & mill utensils of Baron Brightwell advertised for sale by auction

1870: Mill dismantled

June 1870: Machinery & materials of the dismantled mill advertised for sale by auction

Census 1871:

Henry Packard (57) b.Hasketon, Suffolk, cake & manure merchant
Emma Packard (née Amos) b.Garboldisham, merchants wife
Emma Henrietta Packard (7) b.Norwich
Beatrice Packard Daughter (2) b.Norwich
Henry Edward Packard (2mnths) b.Flordon
Eliza Bush (21) b.Long Stratton, general servant
Mary Ann Squires (12) b.Flordon, nurse girl (Squires family lived next door)
Address: Mill House

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