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Gooderstone Street tower mill stood just to the south of the main street and was described as standing near the church and opposite the school.
The 5 storey mill used patent sails to drive 3 pairs of stones and the sails were described as "new" in 1859 but only driving 2 pairs of stones.
In 1829 a bake office was also being run on the premises.

To be Let. With Immediate Possession.
A Good TOWER MILL in Full Trade with five floors, a Baking Office, Dwelling house, Garden, Stable,Piggeries, & other offices, in the neighbourhood of Swaffham.
For further particulars enquire of Mr. William Scott, Foulsham or Mr. Robert Scott, Goodeerstone, if letter by post paid.

Norfolk Chronicle - 16th May 1829

Tithe map 1839
Tithe map 1839 - as redrawn by Harry Apling

Tithe Award 1841
Map, W.H. Young, Surveyor, Mildenhall, 1839
Owner: James Brooke
Occupier: do

No. 176

Mill & Buildings


0a. 0r. 39p.

Part of
£3.11.9 Vicar
£8.05.0 Imprs.

Mr. Butcher is instructed to Sell by Auction at the Crown Inn, Stoke Ferry, Norfolk on Wednesday 15 April 1848 at 2 o'c in 12 Lots Estates at Gooderstone etc.
Lot 10, A very neat sash fronted Dwelling house in Gooderstone Street near the Church lately occupied by Mr. Brooke. A Cottage adjoining, a Tower Windmill with five floors & three pairs of Stones, a capital newly erected Barn, good Stables, Granary, Gig house, Cart lodge, a Board & Tiled Shop with a valuable Garden, Yard etc. containing together by survey 2r. 3p.
Copyhold of the Manor of Gooderstone.
Apply to Messrs. Blake Keith & Blake, Solrs. or the Auctioneer, Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - 28th March, 4th & 11th April 1846

In the matter of the Petition of Titus Gathercole, of Gooderstone in the county of Norfolk, Farmer, Miller, Flour Seller, Coal Seller, Beer house keeper and Dealer in Tobacco.
Final Order 13 October next.

London Gazette - 27th September 1853

Titus Gathercole was born in 1797 at Foulden and was listed in the 1851 census as Miller (Master) and was living in Gooderstone with his children but apparently without his wife..
This was the only census in which he was listed as a miller - in 1841 he was a Farming Bailiff, in 1861 he was a Carman, in 1871 a labourer and in 1881 (aged 84) his occupation was Formerly Carter.

Windmill to be let at Michaelmas next.
In the Parish of Gooderstone doing a thriving business driving two pairs of stones. The Mill is in capital repair with four new patent sails. There is a Bake office & 10 acres of land attached all now in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Dungar.
Enquire of Mr. Francis Lambert, Necton near Shipdham.

Norfolk Chronicle - 10th September 1859

TO BE LET with possession at Michaelmas next, a capital WINDMILL driving two pairs of Stones, together with a Bake Office & Ten Acres of productive Land, situate at Gooderstone, near Oxborough, Norfolk.
Apply to Mr. Francis Lambert, Necton, Swaffham.

Norfolk News - 25th August 1860

Situations Vacant
To Millers & Bakers
WANTED, a Man who understands both Branches.
Apply to G. Dunger, Gooderstone, Stoke Ferry.

Norfolk News - 12th August 1865

To Merchants, Millers & Bakers TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT
An excellent TOWER WINDMILL with patent Sails driving three pairs of stones, in capital repair. A very comfortable RESIDENCE with Bake office & Miller's cottage adjoining, Spacious Granaries, Stables & Outbuildings.
The above has been in the hands of the present proprietor during the last 20 years & an excellent business has been done.
Particulars of Robert Heyhoe, Auctioneer & Estate Agent, Swaffham.
Lynn Advertiser & Norfolk News - 4th, 11th & 18th April 1868

Dissolution of Partnership
Notice is hereby Given that a Dissolution of Partnership has taken place between Robert Cobbin & Martin Dunger, both of Gooderstone, Norfolk & that the business will be carried on by Martin Dunger from the 29th of January.
Norfolk News - 1st February 1868

Sudden Death
... Mr. Robert Cobin, aged 66, grocer & postmaster ...
went into the yard of Mr. Martin Dunger, miller, his son-in-law, when, while giving directions to a young man as to the setting of the mill sails, he suddenly fell down & expired ...
Norfolk News - 8th November 1873

TO BE SOLD for £1,000
A DESIRABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE situate at Gooderstone, Stoke Ferry, Norfolk, consisting of between 10 & 11 Acres of Arable & Pasture Land, a BRICK TOWER WINDMILL with patent sails, winds itself, driving 2 pairs of French stones & flour mill, an Eight-roomed DWELLING HOUSE, counting house, granary, shed & 2-stalled stable, Harness house, cowhouse, 2 piggeries with loft above, 2 cartsheds with granary above, 2 brick & tiled COTTAGES with other conveniences. All in good repair & immediate possession can be had; two thirds of the purchase money can remain on at four per cent. if required.
Apply R. Whalebelly, Merchant, Saham, Watton, Norfolk.
Norfolk News - 10th May 1873

To Millers
WANTED, an experienced Hand.
Apply to Martin Dunger, Gooderstone, Stoke Ferry, Brandon.
Lynn Advertiser - 26th August 1876

To be Sold by Auction by Messrs. Miles & Son
On Wednesday March 1, 1882, all the Household Furniture, Live & Dead Stock ... upon the premises in the occupation of Mr. Martin Dunger.
The3 Live & Dead Stock
Comprise ... 2 miller's carts ... weighing machine & weights ...ladders & corn bins, 180 sacks ...
Lynn Advertiser - 25th February 1882

A WINDMILL & first rate Dwelling house with 9 acres of Land, with immediate possession.
Apply to Mr. Carter, Wereham Hall, Stoke Ferry.
Lynn Advertiser - 25th March 1882

A TOWER WINDMILL with excellent Dwelling House, Bakehouse etc. for all necessary business purposes.
Apply to Mr. Carter, Wereham Hall, Stoke Ferry.
Lynn Advertiser - 16th September 1882

Kelly's directory of 1892 lists Martin Dunger as farm steward to the Misses Cobbin. Presumably he was given a job by his wife's family after having become insolvent as a miller and the running of the mill having been taken over by John Cobbin.

On 24th July 1979, Harry Apling recorded that he had been contacted by Mrs. Cobbin, the widow of Harry Eagle Cobbin, farmer. She told Harry Apling that Mill House, Gooderstone was a double fronted house that stood right opposite the school. When she first saw the mill in the early 1900s, it was already partly demolished and the sails had gone.
Harry Apling also received a telephone call from Miss Catherine Cobbin, daughter of Harry Cobbin and grand daughter of John Cobbin and she mentioned that John Cobbin carried on trading as a baker beyond the recorded date of 1892.

Gooderstone had four windmills and one watermill.

Unallocated Millers - probably joint or single tenants at one or more mill in the parish

White's 1836: Brook & Judd, corn millers

Census 1841:

Robert Cobbin (30) miller
Martha Cobbin (30)
Elizabeth Cobbin (2)
Louisa Cobbin (1)
William Cobbin (1 mnth)

Census 1841:

John Whearlbelly (25) miller
Mary Whearlbelly (35)
Mary Whearlbelly (5)
Louisa Whearlbelly (2)

Census 1841:

James Brook (30) miller
Lavina Brook (35)
Elizabeth Brook (65)
Henry Elcot (5)
William Lambert (15) apprentice miller

White's 1845: James Brooke, miller, Wind Mill

1846: Miles Newman, miller

Census 1851: John Burton (20) b.Gooderstone, journeyman miller (farmer's son living at home)

Census 1851:

Titus Gathercole (53) b.Foulden, master miller
Thomas Gathercole (22) b.Cockley Cley, miller (son)
Jane Gathercole (13) b.Cockley Cley, at home
Rebecca Gathercole (11) b.Cockley Cley, scholar
Titus Gathercole (9) b.Cockley Cley, scholar
Sarah Ann Gathercole (6) b. Cockley Cley, scholar
Elizabeth Denney (64) b.Swaffham, housekeeper
Address: Village

1853: Titus Gathercole, miller, farmer, flour & coal dealer, beerhouse keeper & tobacco dealer

White's 1854: John Lee, corn miller & baker

White's 1864: William Preston, miller

1865 & 1868: William Preston, miller

1872: George Chapman

1875: Grimwood Wood, miller

1875 & 1878: John Whalebelly, miller

Kelly's 1879: Robert Field, miller

1883 & 1886: John Willden, miller

1888: Samuel Freestone, miller

Bryant's map 1826: Windmill

Mary 1829: Mill advertised to be let

Greenwood's map 1834: Windmill

Tithe Award 1839: Windmill

Tithe Award 1841: Owner & occupier: James Brooke, miller

White's 1845: James Brooke, miller, Wind Mill & farmer (owner)

March 1846: Mill advertised for sale by auction

Census 1851:

George Dunger (36) b.Dunham, miller & master baker
Olive Dunger (35) b.Sunninghill, Bek
Ann Mary Flood (9) b.Dunham, scholar (neice)
Jonathan Kiddle (19) b.Dunham, millers servant
Address: Village

1853: George Dunger, miller

White's 1854:

Here are three wind mills, and a water_mill, the latter on the banks of a rivulet which flows southward to the Wissey.

White's 1854: George Dunger, corn miller & baker

1858: George Dunger, miller

1859: Thomas Dungar, tenant miller

September 1859: Mill advertised to be let

August 1860: Mill advertised to be let

1863: George Dunger, miller

White's 1864: George Dunger, corn miller & farmer

1865: George Dunger, miller

1868: George Dunger, miller

February 1868: Partnership between Robert Cobbin & Martin Dunger dissolved

April 1868: Mill advertised for sale by private contract

1868: Martin Dunger, miller

1872: Martin Dunger, miller also at Gooderstone watermill

May 1873: Mill advertised for sale for £1,000

November 1873: Robert Cobbin, father in law of Martin Dunger, died aged 66

1876: Martin Dunger, miller

Kelly's 1879: Martin Dunger, miller

February 1882: Business & personal effects of Martin Dunger advertised for sale by auction due to insolvency

March 1882: Mill advertised to be let

September 1882: Mill advertised to be let

White's 1883: Martin Dunger, corn miller

1890: John Cobbin, miller

c.1905: Mill derelict and without sails

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