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Church Road towermill in Gorleston, stood on the corner of Church Road and Duke Road. Prior to c.1891, Church Road was in the parish of Mutford, Suffolk.

The mill used patent sails to power 2 pairs of French burr stones, a flour mill, cylinder and rolling screen.

To be Sold or Let With Immediate Possession
A Capital TOWER WINDMILL with two pair of excellent French Stones, Flour Mill, Cylinder and Rolling Screen and about an acre of Land, situate in Gorleston near Great Yarmouth.
Enquire of Mr. Wm. Cross, Bradwell, who will shew the premises. If sold the principal part of the purchase money may remain on security of the premises.

Norfolk Chronicle - 6th April 1816

Tithe map 1842 - as redrawn by Harry Apling
Tithe map 1842 - as redrawn by Harry Apling

Tithe Award 1842
Map 1842
Owner: John Warby
Occupier: William Hammond

No. 186

Mill, shed & plot

0a. 1r. 34p.


Freehold Mill and Building Sites
Samuel Aldred will Sell by Auction at the Star Hotel, Great Yarmouth on Tuesday February 1, 1870 at 6 for 7 o'c
The substantial BRICK TOWER WINDMILL near the Church Gorleston with piece of land attached and 4 Freehold Building Sites suitable for the erection of Dwelling Houses with Gardens attached, fronting the Dukes Lane, Gorleston.
Particulars of S. JEFFRIES BARTH Esq. Solr. East India Dock Road, London, Mr. C. H. CHAMBERLAIN, Solr. or of the Auctioneer, 4 South Quay, Great Yarmouth.

Norfolk Chronicle & Norfolk News - 29th January 1870

This mill will be pulled down. All the MATERIALS except the Brickwork of the Tower are for SALE. To parties building a CORN or MARSH MILL, the present opportunity for obtaining suitable materials at a very low price
Apply to E. P. Youell Esq. Great Yarmouth

Norfolk Chronicle & Norfolk News - 26th February 1870

To Millwrights and others
To be Sold by Auction by Samuel Aldred upon the site of the Tower Windmill near the Church at Gorleston on Friday May 6, 1870 at half past eleven , in lots
All the capital MACHINERY and working gear removed from the Wind Corn Mill formerly in the occupation of Mr. Hammond including patent sails and stocks, flour mill, 2 pairs of French burr stones (one pair new) and a quantity of iron metal machinery, the whole of which is in good condition and well worthy the attention of persons erecting Corn or Marsh Mills.
Apply to the Auctioneer, No. 4 South Quay, Great Yarmouth.

Norfolk Chronicle - 30th April 1870

Parish of Gorleston with the Hamlet of Southtown in the Counties of Suffolk and Norfolk.
Made 11 May 1870 at 4d. in the £.
Occupier: Youell, Edward
Owner: do
House & Grounds, North Church Road

Gross Estimated Rental
Rateable Value
Poor Rate at 4d.
Mill & Land, North Church Road, 2r.
Gross Estimated Rental
Rateable Value
Poor Rate at 4d.




9s. 4d.


... Church Road and opposite the Blind Schools stood Nathaniel Hammond's mill. Upon old plans this is shown N. W. of Duke's Head Tavern.
Local Wind-Mills, Mercury, H. B. Johnson - January 1928

Mill built by William Cross

April 1816: Mill advertised for sale or let

Pigot's 1830:
George Cole, miller, Gorleston

O.S. map 1837: Windmill

1839: William Hammond, miller

1840: William Hammond, miller

Tithe Award map 1842: Windmill

1845: William Hammond, miller

1850: William Hammond, miller

1853: William Hammond, miller

1854: John Skinner, miller

1863: Nathaniel Hammond, miller

1864: Nathaniel Hammond, miller

April 1870: Mill dismantled

January 1870: Mill and land advertised for sale by auction and bought by Edward Pitt Youell

February 1870: Mill machinery advertised for sale as mill to be dismantled

April 1870: Mill machinery advertised for sale by auction, having been removed from the mill

1870: M. Martin sold the land Homestead to Edward Pitt Youell for £400

c.1884: Edward Pitt Youell built a house on the mill site

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