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Gt Dunham smockmill stood on Great Dunham Common and was eventually replaced by a more substantial towermill on the same site. The mill was turned into the wind by a fantail and the sails powered 2 pairs of 4ft French burr stones, a boulting mill and a flour mill.

To be SOLD or LETT
And entered upon at Michaelmas next
A Very good accustomed WIND-MILL now in the occupation of John Beeston, new built about five or six years since & also a new Dwelling House, Outhouses & other conveniences thereunto adjoining, with half an Acre of Land (all Freehold) lying & being situate on Great Dunham Common. The Mill is in good condition, carrying two pairs of Stones & a boulting Mill within itself & is situate in a very good Part of the County for Business.
For further particulars enquire of Mr. John Dungar of Great Dunham aforesaid.

Norwich Mercury - 17th & 24th July 1762

... John Beeston, late of Witchingham, Miller, deceased ...
Norwich Mercury - 5th March 1763

Notice to Creditors & Debtors of
Thomas Eldred of Great Dunham, Miller ...
conveyed & assigned real & personal property to Trustees for benefit of creditors ...

Norfolk Chronicle - 20th September 1800

Norfolk Freehold Mill
To be Sold by Auction By W. Parson On Wednesday October 15 1800 at Great Dunham near Swaffham, Norfolk.
A TOWER WINDMILL, Dwelling house, cart lodge & about six acres of land situate in Great Dunham aforesaid. Also all the household furniture, horses, carts, utensils, harness & other effects as will be expressed in future papers.
Norfolk Chronicle - 4th October 1800

To be Sold by Auction
By W. Parson
(For the Benefit of the Creditors of Thomas Eldred)
At the Tunns, in Necton, Norfolk on Wednesday 15 October instant at 3 o'c.
All that Freehold MESSUAGE, Buildings & CORN WIND-MILL with the workshop, stables, granary, yard & garden thereto belonging & two inclosures of land adjoining containing six acres (more or less) very conveniently situated for an extensive trade at Great Dunham, Norfolk & late in the occupation of the said Thomas Eldred.
The buildings are all in excellent repair, a considerable sum of money having lately been expended thereon.
Apply to Mr. Yarrington of Swaffham or to the Aucioneer, Attleborough.

Norfolk Chronicle - 11th October 1800

To be Let by Auction By T. Platten At the Bull Inn in Litcham in Norfolk. On Monday 7 June 1802 between the hours of 5 & 6 of the clock in the afternoon.
A Very compact Dwelling House with suitable Offices & outbuildings & 6 acres (by estimation) of very good Arable Land adjoining thereto, situate & being in Great Dunham in Norfolk, together with a very compleat WIND-MILL standing on the aforesaid premises.
Possession may be had on the 6th day of July next.
Apply to Mr. Samuel King, Attorney, Litcham.

Norfolk Chronicle - 5th June 1802

To Millers, Bakers & others
To be Sold by Private Contract
A Capital SMOCK WINDMILL with winding tackle, two pair of four feet French Stones, flour mill & going geers complete, together with a substantial & well built Dwelling house, barn, granary, stable, cow house & other requisite buildings in good repair & 6 acres by estimation of excellent arable & pasture Land lying within a ring fence & in a high state of cutivation, situate at GREAT DUNHAM in Norfolk & now in the occupation of Mr. Jonathan Fryer, the Proprietor, where an extensive business has been carried on for a great many years.
All Freehold & possession may be had at Michaelmas next.

Apply to Mr. Fryer on the premises or to Mr. J. W. Duffield, farmer, Thompson, Norfolk.
Norfolk Chronicle - 26th March 1831
... or to Mr. Sewell, Solr. Swaffham
16th & 23rd July 1831

ATTEMPTED MURDER AND BURNING OF A MILL. - The magistrates residing near the village of Great Dunham, Norfolk, have been investigating a charge against two brothers, William Copeland and John Copeland, who have been residing in a house originally the property of their deceased mother, to which there was a flour-mill attached. Their right of occupation, it seemed, was objected to by another brother, named A. Copeland, who had taken every step to obtain a satisfactory judgement of the property ; but the prisoners refusing, and placing every obstacle to prevent their ejectment, he was determined to adopt physical force. Accordingly, the brother, Arthur Copeland, assisted by a party, proceeded, and after some difficulty, succeeded in obtaining an entrance through one of the lower windows of the dwelling. The moment, however, they attempted to proceed further, they were startled by the report of fire-arms, and the ball, passing through the door, passed Arthur Copeland, and buried itself in the flooring of the room, fortunately without doing any arm. Apprehensive of further attack, the party immediately retired, but they had no sooner done so than the mill adjoining was discovered to be in flames, and was burnt to the ground. The magistrates, in consequence of information they received from the police, issued a warrant for the apprehension of the prisoners. They were taken; and since their incarceration, John Copeland confessed to setting fire to the mill, and says his brother William had no hand in the transaction.
Leeds Times - 13th May 1840

c.1756: Mill built

1762: John Beeston, miller

July 1762: Mill advertised to be sold or let

1763: John Beeston, miller, died

Faden's map 1797: Windmill

1800: Thomas Eldred, miller

1800: Thomas Eldred insolvent

October 1800: Mill advertised for sale by auction along with the personal effects of Thomas Eldred

Poll Book 1802: James Eldridge, miller

June 1802: Mill advertised to be let by auction

1831: Jonathan Fryer, miller

March 1831: Mill advertised for sale by private contract

White's 1836: John George, miller

1837: Jonathan Fryer, miller, died and was buried in Gt Dunham churchyard

1840: Mill house owned by Copeland family

1840: Mill burnt to the ground due to arson and replaced by a towermill

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