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Gt Hockham postmill stood to the southeast of the village on Mill Hill. The mill buck was set on a brick walled roundhouse. The mill recorded in 1599 may have been built on the same site as the mill recorded as being derelict in 1392.

A possible mill to the S. E. of the village. An estate map of 1801 shows a piece of land called Mill Hill at about TL95909200 to the south of the large moat at TL95959230. A Mill Close also called Lodge Breck, lay to the south of it. This seems to have been the demesne warren in 1599.
In a list of tenants' lands appended to a survey of 1599 there is an entry about a free tenant - Robert Cage holds on an annual tenancy a piece of land in the manorial warren, part of the said warren, upon which a windmill is built, annual rent 12d.
It seems probable that the following relates to an earlier mill on the same site:-
On the back of a Court Roll dated about 1392 is an inquiry into the state of certain buildings in Great Hockham. Among the buildings mentioned is a windmill of which the timbers were much decayed, two millstones had been unlawfully carted away. As the main building reviewed seems to be the one which stood in the large moated enclosure to the southeast of the village, TL95959230, it is likely that this mill may be the forerunner of the above mentioned mill.

A. J. Davison, Norfolk Archaeological Rescue Group, Union House, Gressenhall - 1983-84

1599: Myllhill Piece - warren

1801: Mill Hill

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