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Gt Yarmouth Cobholm later post windmill had unusually been built as a replacement for a towermill that had in turn been built to replace an even earlier postmill. The mill had 4 double shuttered sails, each with 7 bays of 3 shutters and a 6 bladed fan was set on a tailpole.

It was rebuilt as a post windmill, but had a very short lafe and was not on any local map after 1888.
... there is a distance photograph of this post windmill in one of P. H. Emmerson's Broads books about 1870.

Letter from Peter Allard, Dolman Close, Cobholm to Harry Apling - 13th March 1976



Greencap Mill
Towermill with chimney of a steam mill
High Mill, Southtown
Plate 3 - The Old Ship from Wild Life in a Tidal Water 1890
P. H. Emerson, Photographer of Norfolk - P. Turner & R. Wood

c.1880: Mill built

P. H. Emerson photograph 1890: Postmill

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